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Published June 29th 2018

Football Data: How, Where and With Whom Are People Watching?

The Brandwatch React team analyzes the who, where and how of football viewing during the World Cup.

As the tournament goes on we’re gathering more and more data around how people are enjoying the games.

Last week we looked at the booze and food people are talking about enjoying while cheering on their countries.

We’ve also been offering top insights on key games so far which you can find here.

Today the React team decided to bring together a few of the categories we’ve been preparing over the last couple of weeks – namely, the who, where and how of people’s football viewing.

Where are people watching the football?

We started, after a quick sweep around the office to see if we could catch anyone watching games under the desk, by looking at where people were when they were enjoying the World Cup.

Of course, this is self-reported (we’re using Twitter data to find out where people say they are as they watch), so it might not reflect exactly what’s going on.

That said, we were surprised to see that work was the  most prominent place people said they were when they were watching. If you’re actually watching the World Cup at work and you don’t have your boss’s permission we’d recommend taking those tweets down, people.

Who are people watching the football with?

Then we took a look at the data around who people said they were watching with.

We expected to see lots of people talking about watching with their mates, but oddly that wasn’t the case. In fact, people were more likely to talk about being alone when they were watching.

And people were also more likely to say they were watching with their parents than with their friends. In some ways that makes us feel a bit fuzzy inside – the World Cup creates a social setting the whole family can unite around.

What devices are people watching the football on?

Finally, we examined what electronic devices people said they were watching on.

You hear a lot these days about how no one watches TV anymore as streaming on phones and computer screens gains popularity.

That’s not the case here.

TVs were the most popular screen to watch on, followed by smartphones – perhaps the device of choice for those cheeky people watching games under their desks.

Football data analysis past and present

If you found these insights interesting make sure to look out for our upcoming Football Report where we’ll be sharing all our data from conversations surrounding the World Cup.

You can also enjoy data on the games so far and data on the food and drinks people are enjoying while they watch.

Now, get back to work and put that phone down.

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