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Published June 26th 2019

How to Get Rich Quick, According to Thousands of Tweeters

Sam Pougatch explores the inventions tweeters are requesting most

We’ve all dreamt of million dollar ideas at some point during our lives and thought, that’s it! I’ve finally cracked it – I’m going to be rich.

But the majority of these ideas never even get off the runway. Why? Because often our ideas are great for us, but probably not so great for everyone else. Perhaps by crowdsourcing invention ideas we can find inspiration and an audience ready to part with their cash.

At Brandwatch we have a whole world of social data at our fingertips, and with the right queries plugged in we are able to study and analyze what people are talking about, what they like, and, most importantly, what they want.

To help you fall back in love with that entrepreneurial passion, we’re going to show you which inventions the Twittersphere has been begging for over the last 24 months.

Ditch the day job. With this data you’re going to get rich

From over 40,000 results down to five, these are the best ‘feasible’ products to invent, as suggested by Twitter users over the last two years. I say feasible because there is certainly a market for teleportation devices and time travel, but I’m not sure how far you would get with those. Here, we’re focusing purely on physical products that feel reasonable enough to make, and that we can sell.

Out of all the suggestions over the last two years here are the top five.

5. Coffee IV

Hundreds of different variations of ways to consume coffee were suggested, but one stood out from all the rest.

The coffee IV.

Picture offices in five years time, when everyone walks in and hooks themselves up to their supply of caffeine. Yawns will be a thing of the past and productivity will go through the roof! Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. (Not that I have tried it, or recommend doing so).

4. Weird ice cream flavors

The world is becoming a trendier place, which is bad news for traditionalist ice cream eaters. The Neapolitan trio of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry are now being pushed out by more fashionable flavors like matcha or avocado.

The Twitter universe definitely has thoughts on the topic of ice cream, most of which orbited around the idea of new flavors, although there was also a call for 0 calorie ice cream (a sentiment I think we can all get behind).

Out of the 295 suggestions for the ice cream industry in the last two years, there were three  flavors which stood out (and that could be your ticket to earning lots of money).

Bacon and pizza flavors were suggested a few times, although they don’t really appeal to me.

However, the wackiest suggestion was a vapor flavored ice cream. Yes, as in the vapor rub you use when you’re sick. Some people are just weird.

3. A phone pocket

From full body-bathing suits to suits that make you feel like you’re in bed all day, there were almost 500 invention suggestions for new kinds of suits in our dataset.

The suit that attracted the most attention is one we could all definitely get involved in. Suits were created before the existence of the mobile phone and, according to Twitter, there is still no appropriate place to put your phone in your suit. If you can find a place for such a pocket in a traditional suit jacket, you’ll be very popular indeed.

2. A see-through toaster

With over one thousand mentions on Twitter the world is clearly struggling to make their toast properly. The people have spoken, and they want a new toaster.

What do they want done differently? They want their toasters see-through so they can check how it is getting on!

I’m yet to decide if this is a new level of laziness or the definition of innovation, but one thing is for sure – a see-through toaster would be an invention that’s received well across the globe.

I’d still manage to burn it though.

1. A highlighter that disappears

The highlight and most requested invention over the last 24 months is… the highlighter itself.

The majority of the suggestions call for a highlighter that erases after six months.

51% of those discussing such a highlighter were artists or students, so while it’s a niche market, you could totally own it if you were able to invent such a product.

Final thoughts

So there you have it, a few ideas which could change your life.

A couple of other ideas which were close to making the cut were fat burning donuts and ‘Shazam for perfume,’ which both deserve an honorary mention.

The future looks bright. I’m personally looking forward to getting ready for work in my new suit, hooked up to a coffee IV, with perfectly made toast on my plate, an erasable highlighter in hand and of course no chance of getting sick as I’ll have my vapor rub ice cream for dessert!


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