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Published March 4th 2016

React: Leap Day to the Return of #HoC: This Week’s Social Round-up

Brandwatch analyzes the week's biggest trends on social, including the Kylie vs. Kylie feud, the return of House of Cards and Justin Bieber's birthday.

It’s been a busy old week on social.

Multiple major events, both expected and not expected, got tweeters tapping on keyboards.

Without further ado, here are the trends that got social talking this week.

Starting with a leap

On Monday 29th of February, Leap Day trended all day as Twitter celebrated with those who’s birthdays only officially roll around every four years.

Leap Day

But it wasn’t just leap day that was stirring up a social storm at the beginning of the week as reports emerged of Kylie Minogue contesting Kylie Jenner’s attempts to claim ownership of the name ‘Kylie’.

Jenner’s incredible social media following meant that she claimed 92% of all mentions of the two Kylies on Twitter in the last 7 days (regardless of topic). If social media following was the decider, she’s probably got a good case.

Battle of the Kylies

Saying that, there are plenty of tweeters on team Kylie Minogue.

Tuesday was super for lots of reasons

Super Tuesday was one of the biggest days of the year for American politics, and we wrote about it’s incredible effects on social here. 

Chris Christie’s stoic backing on Donald Trump during a victorious speech also caught tweeters attention. Many of whom thought the New Jersey governor had been coerced into standing behind Trump, prompting the hashtag #FreeChristie.

There was plenty more trivial political conversation on Tuesday too. The hashtag #PoliticalSuperheroes, seemingly started by late night gameshow @midnight, encouraged tweeters to join in by imagining politicans as superheroes. It trended in the US and people had a lot of fun with Photoshop.

Meanwhile, Super Tuesday wasn’t all about politics. It was also a very special day for Mr Justin Bieber who turned 22.

The superstar got a cool 50,000 birthday wishes on Twitter from all over the world.


Things got immature on World Book Day

You can read all about social conversation surrounding World Book Day, including a list of Twitter’s top 20 most influential authors right here.

While it may be regarded a day when serious literature is appreciated and that everyone gets a little closer to their grown up side, things got very immature later in the day.

During the 11th GOP debate, the heated conversation turned into a discussion of Donald Trump’s manhood. His comments, which were unwelcome to many, drove a 4.8k spike in mentions. Twitter was also amused by an unknown object appearing on Ted Cruz’s lip, generating over 3k mentions.

Frank Underwood Returns

Friday, the end of the week and time to look forwards to a weekend away, interacting with family and friends or catching up on a bit of housework. Or not.

Today the hotly anticipated fourth season of House of Cards hits Netflix and the weekend is not going to be a social affair for a whole lot of people.

House of Cards update 1
The explosive finale of season 3 has left a lot of questions that tweeters just can’t wait to get answers for. Frank is dominating mentions between the two main characters, but there’s a lot of speculation about what is next for Claire.

President Frank Underwood himself has even given written permission for House of Cards fans to leave work immediately and binge watch the series.

What was your favorite trend of the week? Let us know at @BW_React, and give us a follow for more juicy data.

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