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Published June 1st 2018

Things Millennials are Killing in 2018, According to Twitter

The Brandwatch React team check on what millennials are killing in 2018, searching for the top used things following "millennials are killing" in tweets so far this year.

Millennials are killing restaurants. Millennials are killing beer. Millennials are killing diamonds.

These were among the things being brutally slaughtered by Millennials in the study we conducted in 2017 surrounding what people thought they were killing.

Interested to see what new violence the vicious generation have been accused of, the Brandwatch React team decided to take a look at what people say Millennials are killing in 2018.


The team searched for tweets containing “millennials are killing” between 1 January and 14 May 2018, then exported them and used Excel and a word counter to find the top mentioned words and following that phrase.

We found that mentions of the phrase appear to have risen since our last post, although we seem to be seeing usage of the phrase begin to drop off. Perhaps the murderous millennial meme is beginning to die itself.

Brandwatch image

So what are the things Millennials are killing?

We expected there to be some cross over with last year’s list but it’s pretty much totally different.

Here’s the list – we’ll explain each of the items below.

Brandwatch image

WTF, right?

OK, here’s some explanation around each of those 10 things Millennials are apparently killing. You’ll notice that many of them appear because of particularly popular tweet on that topic.

1. Exorcisms

Top of the list is exorcisms, because they’re scary and Millennials are scaredy cats.

This tweet gained thousands of retweets in January this year – despite the story they’re sharing being from 2016. It tells the story of Fr Vincenzo Taraborelli, one of Rome’s busiest exorcists, who is struggling to find young successors.

I’m not sure why Italian exorcisms are more scary than, say, French exorcisms, but either way I’m certainly not volunteering.

2. Print news industry

While I’m not really sure what this tweet specifically means, this is probably one of the most sensible things on the list.

Also Kate’s fingers are blatantly not all the same length.

3. Personal debt industry

Millennials are stacking up their credit cards, setting fire to them and sending them out to sea (or, in other words, Millennials are afraid of debt).



4. Porn

The porn industry is reportedly being affected by Millennial addiction to esports. Lol.


The enormous sports network is apparently next to suffer at the hands of Millennials.

Esports could also be the reason traditional sports networks are suffering, too. Here’s an analysis we did on the phenomenon recently in which we discuss a study that shows young men prefer watching esports to traditional sports.

6. It

Not everyone was accusing Millennials of murder.

There’s at least some love out there for the much-hated generation.

7. Applebee’s

Applebee’s is back in the list having returned from last year! Applebee’s has become tied to the “Millennials are killing” meme so much so that people are using it as a reference for an entire generation of Millennial haters.

It’s not the best thing to have your brand attached to.

8. Think pieces about Millennials

Woah, meta.

Millennials are killing commentary around millennials by subverting the common stereotypes associated with it, Elizabeth tweets.

9. Apartheid

This was an unexpected one in the list, and is included on the basis of the popularity of this tweet.

10. Everything

Millennials are even killing boxes.

Well, looking at the list above there’s plenty of ground covered. And there were plenty more items that didn’t quite make the top ten.

Are you a journalist looking to cover our data? Email [email protected] for more information.

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