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Published March 2nd 2018

MWC 2018 Data: Which Brands Won?

The Brandwatch React team use social media MWC 2018 data to identify the brands, products and tech trends that got the most attention in online conversations.

After a week of exciting announcements, MWC (Mobile World Congress – the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry which takes place in Barcelona) is over.

The Brandwatch React team has, of course, been monitoring the conversation all week. We’ve been providing data to @TwitterMktgUK, naming the top brands, products and tech trends in the conversation and now it’s time for a full round-up of the week.

MWC 2018 Data: Top line stats

  • We tracked more than 400,000 social media mentions relating to Mobile World Congress throughout the week
  • Within those mentions we found over 100,000 unique authors
  • 70% of gender categorized authors were male, 30% female

The biggest brands in the MWC conversation

There are potentially thousands of brands who could be discussed in relation to Mobile World Congress. In order to find the top brands in our data we surfaced the ones that trended in our topic cloud throughout the week (topic clouds identify top used terms and phrases) as well as in popular news articles and then searched within the overall conversation to find out exactly how many mentions those trending brands got. We used this same methodology for both the top mentioned products and the top mentioned tech trends later in this article.

Here are the top five most mentioned brands:

Bar chart shows MWC 2018 data around the top brands in the conversation. Nokia is top, followed by Samsung, Huawei, Google and Sony.

Nokia fought off the likes of Samsung, Huawei and Google to become the top mentioned brand in the MWC 2018 conversation. While we used a slightly different methodology last year, the brand also triumphed in 2017.

The biggest products in the MWC conversation

Again, we identified the top products by looking for those trending in the topic cloud throughout MWC and within popular news articles, then searching within the overall conversation for each of them.

Here are the top five:

Bar chart shows MWC 2018 data around the top products in the conversation. Samsung s9 is top, followed by Nokia 8110 and Android Oreo Go

Despite Nokia’s success being the top mentioned brand overall, it was the Samsung S9 that generated the most product-related conversation at MWC 2018. That said, three of the top five were Nokia products.

The tech trends in the MWC conversation

Like before, we checked our topics clouds and popular news articles for top trends throughout the week and then searched within the entire MWC conversation for each of them to identify the top five.

Here they are:

Bar chart shows MWC 2018 data around the top tech trends in the conversation. 5G is the biggest, followed by IOT, Cloud, RAM and VR

“References to 5G are everywhere at MWC 2018,” says Matthew Reynolds in Wired. The technology has successfully created a huge amount of buzz, although Reynolds says we won’t see it explode into common use just yet.

Influential tweets and voices in the MWC conversation

We wanted to find some of the most influential mentions of MWC on Twitter, so took to our “Twitter insights” component in Brandwatch analytics to see which links and names were getting the most engagement. Here are a couple of the top 10 tweets:

Using Brandwatch it’s also possible to zoom in on influencers for certain brands within larger event conversation. We picked Ericsson as an example, tagging up mentions of their brand and then identifying the tweeters discussing the brand that are getting the most retweets.

We immediately found significant conversation coming from Ericsson’s owned channels as well as other influential voices in their conversation. @BEVEVE, @evankirstel and Brandwatch guest blogger @ronaldvanloon were among them, sharing engaging video content.

What was your favorite thing at MWC this year?

Are you a journalist looking to cover our data? Email [email protected] for more information

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