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Published March 15th 2016

React: “My Date Ate My Earring” and Other Tinder Tales From Twitter

Brandwatch analyzed Twitter conversation surrounding Tinder dates and found some hilarious experiences.

You’ve probably read article upon article compiling screenshots of nightmarish Tinder messages, but we rarely get to hear about the dates themselves.

Using social listening we were able to capture the conversation surrounding Tinder dates on Twitter to see what we could find out. The results? Well, they were pretty amusing.

We had no idea how many people were happy to openly share the details of their dating lives on a social network so much more public than Tinder. We took a look at the data for the year so far (starting January 1st) and found 800 instances of people tweeting about their experiences of Tinder dates.

By excluding retweets and mentions of someone’s infamous date with ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli, we dug up some genuinely hilarious stuff from tweeters all over the place.

Here’s what we found.

Getting stood up

Beneath the sickeningly sweet success stories Tinder regularly tweets is a whole cesspool of people moaning about their bad experiences with Tinder dates.

Getting stood up is never going to improve anyone’s day, and these tweeters aren’t happy.

Meanwhile other tweeters highlighted a new problem of our time – the fear of looking like you’ve been stood up on a Tinder date.


Meanwhile, we found a whole host of eavesdroppers who reported on the progress of a Tinder date occurring nearby.

Excuses excuses

If you’re ever left wondering where your Tinder date has got to, check their Twitter feed.

And if you find out their excuse it’s always a laugh to tweet it yourself.

He said, she said

If you haven’t got anything smart to say on a Tinder date you probably shouldn’t say anything at all, for fear of it being tweeted.

But sometimes it’s what you don’t say that’s important.

Walking out

The world is a cruel place for many of our Tinder date tweeters, some of whom reported being walked out on or watching people get ditched on their date night. 

Perhaps in the long run it’s for the best.

Some people are just nasty.

The weird and not so wonderful

Twitter has no shortage of strange Tinder date experiences.

Netflix and chill?

And finally, Netflix, of course, got it’s fair share of Tinder date mentions.

What do you think of live tweeting Tinder dates? Let us know @BW_React

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