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Latest resource: Maturing from social listening to digital consumer intelligence

A practical guide to levelling up how consumer insights are used across your organization

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Published March 22nd 2017

New Apple Products: How Did Apple’s Quiet Announcements Compare to an Apple Event?

The Brandwatch React team examines the conversation surrounding Apple's fairly quiet announcements including the red iPhone and Clips app.

On Tuesday, new Apple products were announced in a relatively quiet way.

Far from the usual spectacle of Apple announcements, a number of media outlets were briefed and the news was posted on the company’s website.

The announcements, which saw Apple show off their new ‘Clips’ app and refresh their iPad range as well as update the iPhone SE and unveil a (RED) iPhone 7, were a fairly big deal for Apple lovers.

The Brandwatch React team captured the online conversation surrounding the announcements yesterday to see what people have said about the different parts of the announcement.

Searching for mentions of “Apple announcement” and related terms and specific products, we tracked around 110k mentions reacting to it across social media between Tuesday and 4pm UK time on Wednesday. While that number may sound impressive, the last #AppleEvent we tracked bought in 480k mentions in just the two hour period in which it was held.

Product breakdown

The (RED) iPhone appeared to make a bigger impression on social than any of the other announcements.

new apple products

Meanwhile, the updated range of iPads and new Clips app were of real interest.

Unsurprisingly it was the new Apple Watch bands and iPhone 7 cases that were the least talked about announcements, though they still racked up thousands of mentions between them.

The gender breakdown of the conversation saw around 64% of authors categorized as male, and 36% female.


The new (RED) iPhone 7 (which is red) has been released in celebration of Apple’s ten years working with the organization, which helps businesses contribute to the fight against AIDs. This was a huge part of the conversation, with around 80k mentions – certainly a sign that this could be a commercial success.

On the subject of iPhones, the iPhone SE will see an update with Apple swapping out 16 and 64GB phones for new 32 and 128GB models.

iPad Range

The quiet way in which Apple has updated its iPad range has understood as an acknowledgment of their declining success.

The new iPad Mini will replace the iPad Air, and is a lot more affordable. The price was a key part of the conversation.

Clips App

Apple’s new Clips app, that “makes it quick and fun for anyone to create expressive videos on iPhone and iPad” looks like it could be popular amongst Snapchat lovers. It allows people to take kooky looking videos to share on social media. Look out for it on a news feed near you.

While the response on social wasn’t enormous, this could be the revelation to watch. It’s expected to be released in the App Store for free in April.

Why so quiet?

Why were these announcements made so quietly? One can only speculate, but with an Apple Event expected at some point in the Spring, and with the iPhone 8 rumored to be revealed, perhaps Apple has bigger things to prepare for.

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