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Published December 18th 2015

React: New Netflix Socks Become Unlikely Global Festive Craft Craze

Brandwatch analyzes mentions of Netflix socks as they become a global festive craft craze

Netflix’s release of a how-to guide for creating your own electronic socks has caused a stir on social.

The socks are programmed to detect when the wearer has fallen asleep, sending a signal to your TV to pause the Netflix show being watched.

They are meant to save viewers from the universally experienced annoyance of falling asleep and not knowing where you got to with your favorite TV show.

We took a look at mentions of Netflix socks across the internet to find out the verdict on social.

No cold feet here

Despite the fact that the socks require a considerable amount of electronic know-how to build, with materials required including an “Arduino microcontroller” and an “Accelerometer”, the concept has sent social into a festive craft frenzy with sentiment-categorized mentions of the socks registering at 80% positive.

Sentiment netflix socks

The comfy-looking knitted socks used as an example, embroidered with the words ‘Pinot Noir’, are one of a range of downloadable designs inspired by Netflix shows available on their website.

Bloodline, House of Cards and BoJack Horseman are currently among the most popular designs according to Netflix’s handy chart.

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 12.13.55

Alternatively, sock enthusiasts without the time or needlework skills can just use socks they already own.

Who will make the socks?

In the busy holiday season it is unclear who, if anyone, will take the leap and construct the difficult, but admittedly useful, foot friendly garments.

Taking a look at who’s writing about them most could give us an indicator.

Unsurprisingly, Netflix socks are being mentioned most by technology fans, as well as people in the executive, artistic, and software developer or IT professions.

Professions netflix socks

Male social commenters are also particularly interested in sock making, accounting for 57% of mentions attributed to gender categorized accounts.

Gender breakdown netflix socks

Netflix socks make global digital footprints

Since the release of the how-to guide, Netflix socks have generated mentions across the globe.

Even Greenland got involved – but since 80% of the country’s land area is covered in ice perhaps you could predict a popular response to comfortable and practical foot warming devices.


Whether Netflix socks will become this season’s latest fashion trend or a nice idea that everyone liked for about five minutes is unclear.

Will you be making Netflix socks for your friends this Christmas?

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