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Published March 18th 2016

React: Pi to St Patrick’s Day: This Week’s Social Round-up

Brandwatch analyzes conversation surrounding some of the biggest trends in this week's social round-up

It’s Friday at last which can only mean one thing – it’s social round-up time!

This week had a number of fun themed days but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t some serious stuff going on too. Don’t worry, we covered it all!

Monday was lazy. But also nerdy…

Twitter started the week with a well deserved nap on #nationalnappingday.

But not everyone was sleeping. Pi fans were out and tweeting like crazy to celebrate #PiDay.

It turned out that Pi is far more popular than napping. Who knew?

Napping day

While we’re sure this is example is a joke, not everyone realized that #PiDay wasn’t about celebrating a pastry based delight.

Tuesday got political

You know we can’t do a round-up without getting Donald Trump involved and Tuesday gave us another excuse after his victory in Florida.

He was, as usual the most mentioned candidate on the day, followed, perhaps surprisingly  by Bernie Sanders who didn’t do great at all.

Super Tuesday 3

#PrimaryDay trended in the US all day, alongside #TheBachelor – a show we’ve seen creep into our round-up before.

Wednesday was Budget Day in the UK

The UK lit up on social on Wednesday as Chancellor George Osborne revealed the #Budget2016.

The day saw over 170k mentions of the budget announcement on Twitter alone, and measures like a new sugar tax and freeze on beer duty got Britons tapping on iPhones everywhere.

posneg mentions topics

St Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Hooray, St Patrick’s Day!

The hashtag trended on Twitter all day as the world celebrated.

St Patricks day v2

Some mentions were even out of this world:

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