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Published January 8th 2016

React: Puddles, 1D & #Twitter10k: This Week’s Social Media Round-up

Brandwatch React reviews data from the biggest moments on social for the week beginning 4th January 2016

Look no further for a round-up of the biggest and best moments on the internet this week.

2016 is a mere infant trying to find its feet among the reams of trend predictions and hypotheses. However, the internet never sleeps and this week made that wholly apparent.

Following the New Year the general public is, typically, shrouded in a cloud of back to work blues.

This set a pretty dull tone to the beginning of the week, with people going about their business, hanging in there together, and patting each other mournfully on the shoulder as the office Christmas decorations were boxed up once again. Yet, normality was fleeting.


Battle of the hashtags

One Directioner Louis Tomlinson started the week with a bang when #LuckyToHaveLouis began trending on Twitter. It seems the trend was started by the pop star’s mother when she posted it following a series of untruths and rumors that had circulated about Louis.

Fans did not hesitate to echo her sentiments which amounted to 7,233 mentions of the hashtag on Monday (excluding RTs).

Tuesday was an important day for the gun control debate in America, as an emotional President Obama condemned gun violence and vowed to make change, with or without congress.

Images of a tearful Obama circulated widely on the internet and were met predominantly with respect.

Things then took a turn.

Wednesday 6th of January 2016 will forever be known as the day that the world watched the live-stream of a puddle in Newcastle, England.

More about this later, but just let that sink in. A small, muddy body of water garnered nearly 30k mentions in one day.

Social Roundup - Battle of the hastags

The biggest moment on Twitter was yet to come (skip this section if you’ve not watched Making A Murderer yet!)

We don’t know if it was the excitement of humpday, or just the proverbial internet stars aligning, but #DrummondPuddleWatch was not the biggest internet moment on Wednesday.

It was also on this day that the internet heard the first news that the end of the 140 character tweet could be nigh, with a new proposed length of 10,000 characters.

At approximately 3pm ET, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey caused quite a stir with a tweet that alluded to the bold changes coming for the social network. 

Unsurprisingly, the internet did not hesitate in voicing its opinion and you can read our analysis of the incredible reaction here.

There were over 155,800 mentions of the #Twitter10K plans on Wednesday alone.

Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 10.33.34

As is evident from the chart above, the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer has also been making huge waves on social this week.

While mentions for the show have averaged 65,000 a day, the petition urging for the pardon of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey has been signed nearly 130,000 times.

We could not do a round-up of this week’s social data without a nod to the Consumer Electronics Show.

From the Segways to the smart fridges, CES2016 has been delighting the internet with images and demonstrations of the latest and greatest in consumer electronics.

Social Roundup - CES2016

There have been over 900k mentions of #CES2016 since Monday, with the conversation being driven mainly by men (69%)

The weird and wonderful

The internet creates obscure trends every day, but the Drummond Puddle definitely deserves a shout out this week.

Any inanimate object that can amass that much attention deserves it. Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 10.46.50 From Canada to New Zealand, the puddle gained worldwide attention and understandably many people tried to jump in (forgive us) on the action.

Meanwhile, hoards of brands had their say in the hope of achieving another Oreo moment.

In fact, if you fancy getting your hands on a bottle of puddle water, look no further.

All eyes on next week.

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