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Published March 25th 2016

React: Puppies, iPhones & Batman: This Week’s Social Round-up

Brandwatch analyzes some of the biggest trends of the week in this week's social round-up

Easter weekend might be approaching but the data never rests and neither does our social round-up.

It’s been a week of heavy tweeting, from trivial trends to responses to the horrific attacks in Brussels.

We’ve taken a look at the happy trends and hope you’ll enjoy them with your chocolate eggs.

Apple exploded Twitter on Monday

The iPhone SE won over thousands of people on social media at the beginning of the week during the #AppleEvent.

You can read a more in-depth analysis of the incredible reaction social had to the announcements here, but this chart will give you a handy glimpse at what your future birthday wishlist could hold.

Apple Event sentiment product

National Puppy Day

#NationalPuppyDay trended in the UK and the US and tweeters used it as a perfect excuse to post cute pictures of baby dogs (if an excuse was ever needed).

The hashtag garnered 583k mentions on the day, and filled Twitter with fluffy joy.

puppy day

10 years of Hannah Montana

This trend will either make you feel really old or wonder who the hell Hannah Montana is.

Hannah Montana

Miley Cyrus may now be more famous for twerking but she was also a child star with her own show on the Disney Channel.

The adventures of Hannah Montana made lots of kids very happy and Thursday marked 10 years since the show premiered.

The whole cast of Hannah Montana now looks very different, but love for the show hasn’t changed, as hundreds of tweeters demonstrated.

Batman v Superman hits Twitter

Friday sees brand new superhero flick Batman v Superman hit screens, but the hype hit Twitter a lot further in advance.

Here’s what the tweet volumes looked like during the week (note that we measured them on a 20% volume) to give you an idea of just how much discussion this movie is prompting.

Batman hype

Reviews have been mixed and audiences are rearing to see what goes down in the hotly anticipated yet controversial film.

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