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Published July 12th 2018

New Research: Brandwatch’s International Football Report Is Out Now

The Three Lions may not have bought it home but we have.

It’s not very often that members of our English, French, German and Spanish marketing teams get to work together on the same research for the same report.

This time was different. And luckily, we all managed to get together to do it.

Shoving competitive differences aside (for the most part), we came together to analyze how the World Cup was discussed in each of our different regions.

Brandwatch image

Not only did we cover the top players, moments and (importantly) emojis, we also looked at consumer behaviour and sponsor performance across our languages.

Our aim was to find patterns between the datasets and what subtle ways those within them were behaving differently.

Twitter data was used to find out which foods were most popular within those conversations, for example.

Brandwatch image

Cervezas (beers) were high on the menu too, as you’ll find in the report.

Our technology enabled us to find all sorts of insights throughout the World Cup.

Minute to minute analysis showed the moment it all went wrong for England.

Brandwatch image


It was brutal.

Now we’ve bought all that data together and we were lucky enough to do it from the same room as our German, French and Spanish marketing colleagues.

Global Brandwatch Week saw around 400 of our team mates come together in our HQ in Brighton, UK.


Home for many Brandwatchers is far away from our Brighton office.

Our colleagues travelled from San Fransisco, Singapore, New York, Berlin, Stuttgart, Paris and Madrid to come together and meet each other.

Most of the antics took place on Global Brandwatch Day, in which we all gathered at a stately home in the East Sussex countryside for bonding, games and partying. You can see how that played out on our social pages.

Everyone from our Spanish, French and German marketing teams had a hand in this report so many thanks to them and as everyone travels back to their respective home countries from both Global Brandwatch Week and the World Cup, we hope they enjoy the report.

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