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Published June 28th 2018

RuPaul’s Drag Race: Will Ru Choose The People’s Queen?

As huge Drag Race fans, the Brandwatch React team couldn't resist checking out how the season 10 finalists were doing on social media. Will Ru's winner match up with the will of the fans?

With the long-awaited season finale of the iconic RuPaul’s Drag Race season 10 taking place tonight (eeeeep!), the React team decided to use the power of Brandwatch Analytics to track which of the queens social media wants to snatch the crown.

With Ru actively asking viewers to tweet and post their choices for victory, we’re excited to see if Ru’s decision will fall in line with Drag Race fans on social or go against the expected result (um hello Shangela All Stars 3).

It’s the age of Aquaria

By a country mile, Aquaria is social media’s queen – maybe not surprising as she has a whopping 739K Instagram followers. Yassss Instagram Queen

50% of hashtag mentions for #TeamAquaria, #TeamAsia, #TeamEureka and #TeamKameron were #TeamAquaria. Brandwatch counted over 175k uses of these hashtags from May 1 – June 26.

Or is it someone else’s time to shine?

With RTs/comments removed, the stats do shift a little.

42% of the four hashtags, when used in original posts only, were for Aquaria.

Kameron came in second place with 26%.

Will this impact Ru’s decision? Will she take into account people’s original opinions or is she a RT queen? Either way, things look good for Aquaria.

The three most RTd tweets around the hashtags were all related to #TeamAquaria

Will Ru respect the voice of social media, or will she go off-piste and pick Muscle Queen Kameron or the Elephant Queen Eureka?

People used the elephant emoji 🐘 over 650 times when declaring they wanted Eureka to win.

Maybe she’ll pick Asia O’Hara, who has the least vocal support on social.

If you want our opinion, we are totally #TeamVanjie… Vanjie… Vannnnjie

Over to you, Ru, to make your decision. And remember, don’t f*** it up.

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