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Published February 5th 2016

React: Simon Cowell to Super Bowl: This Week’s Social Round-up

Brandwatch looks at the biggest trends of the week on social media

As Super Bowl weekend begins it’s time to look back at the biggest trends of week.

(Before #SB50 breaks Twitter, that is).

An unwanted present

The week began with big social celebrations as Harry Styles turned 22 on Monday. With nearly 40k birthday messages, the One Directioner was certainly feeling the love.

Unfortunately for Harry, his trending birthday was also accompanied by the resurfacing of X-rated footage of “Simon Cowell” enjoying a bath with what looked like Britain’s Got Talent co-star David Walliams.

It turned out that the video was old footage from a British sketch show starring celebrity look-a-likes. Still, #OhNoSimon trended as tweeters reacted to the cringey footage.

Speaking of cringing, retail giant House of Fraser launched a very weird emoji-filled campaign on Monday that made tweeters wonder whether their account had been hacked.

No one was safe from their trending #Emojinal campaign and they even got involved with the other big trends of the day, earning them over a thousand retweets.

Groundhog Day

Predictably, Groundhog Day trended on Tuesday with an incredible 69k mentions.

Sky Movies decided to celebrate by dedicating their Comedy channel to showing the movie Groundhog Day thirteen times in a row.

Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream proves popular

On Wednesday Ben & Jerry’s launched their new vegan range of ice-cream to widespread applause on social.

The data suggests that Chunky Monkey sales are going to go through the roof as it claimed 64% of all flavor-oriented conversation.

ben and jerrys vegan

New friends

Facebook decided to enjoy it’s 12th anniversary by inventing Friends Day, encouraging users to celebrate their friendships with videos featuring images of moments with their besties.

Meanwhile, celebrated motor vehicle show Top Gear has announced Matt LeBlanc will join British radio and TV personality Chris Evans as host of its next series.

Both events enjoyed spikes of nearly 20k mentions on Thursday as the folks on social media made their thoughts known.

Friends day

Facebook’s #FriendsDay trended consistently on Twitter and earned over 150k mentions overall.

Thursday was also a huge day in politics, with the 5th Democratic Debate seeing Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton go head-to-head in the setting for the first time.

You can read all about it in our #DemDebate round-up.

Bring on the Super Bowl

Hype has been growing all week for the 50th annual Super Bowl.

With hundreds of thousands of mentions on the teams, the ads and the half-time show, people are getting ridiculously excited for the event.

Super Bowl 50 chart 1

Data on the key figures appearing during the show suggests that people are actually more keen to see Lady Gaga than the two star quarterbacks, and the announcement that she will sing the National Anthem earnt her 45k mentions on Tuesday

Super Bowl 50 chart 2

If you’re looking for live data on the biggest brands advertising during the Super Bowl our newly launched Super Bowl 50 data viz can tell you all you need to know. 

Let the Super Bowl madness commence!

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