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Published May 6th 2016

React: A Social Data Analysis of the Fiercest Bees in The Beyhive

Brandwatch uses Audiences to identify Beyoncé's most influential Twitter fans.

No Beckys here.

“The Beyhive” have had a whole lot of publicity (good and bad) recently as a result of their enormous reaction to Beyoncé’s latest album Lemonade. But who are they?

We decided to use Audiences to identify the most influential Beyoncé fans on Twitter to work out who the key players in the Beyoncé fandom are and what they talk about.

Profiles with Beyoncé in their bios were ranked according to a selection of criteria that was added together to create an influence score.

While followers, inclusion on Twitter lists, retweets and replies will help, the more influential the people they engage with, the better the score, (although we removed accounts with NSFW content).

Here are the accounts that scored highest.

15. Jonathan Blalock @JonathanBlalock

This surprise entry into the influential list comes in the form of tenor and actor Jonathan Blalock, a star of the stage.

He claims to like everything from Bach to Beyoncé, and he’s got a solid Twitter following and influencer score.

Jonathan, welcome to the club. Things are getting slightly less high-brow from here on.

14. BEYONCE @BeyonceFans

With nearly 75k followers, @BeyonceFans is definitely a heavyweight in the Beyoncé fandom.

This account loves retweeting other big Beyoncé fan accounts and keeps followers up to date with the latest pics.

13. NOEL @Detail

Insanely cool Grammy Award Winning Producer Noel “Detail” Fisher has worked on some of Beyoncé’s biggest hits.

If you’re looking for an insight into one of the music industry’s biggest names give them a follow.

12. Beyonce Web @BeyonceWeb

This account boasts 249k followers and posts their favorite pictures and quotes from their favorite pop star.

The only problem is they haven’t tweeted since February – they’d better keep those followers happy if they’re going to stay on the influential list!

11. Beysus † Godga @Gagalovesbey

This hugely influential account tweets about their love of Beyoncé on a daily basis. Our data analysis shows that the account is influenced slightly more by Lady Gaga’s official Twitter account than Beyoncé’s, but we can probably forgive that.

10. @weloveknowles

If you like lemon emojis and the word “slay” you don’t need to look any further. With videos, updates and opinion, @weloveknowles is the go-to Beyoncé resource for many fans.

9. Mike Dean @therealmikedean

Mike Dean has some impressive albums under his belt as a record producer, Lemonade included. If you’re a fan of music in general you’ll love his tweets.

The two accounts influencing his Twitter most are @kanyewest and @theweeknd, both of whom he has worked with.

8. Coco Ho @coco_ho

In her own words, this world tour surfer loves her family, friends, laughing, cookies, coffee, mornings and Beyoncé.

Her tweets might not be related to Beyoncé but they’re still pretty awesome and that might explain how she made it into the the top 10 most influential Beyoncé fans on Twitter.

7. Beau Casper Smart @BEAUcasperSMART

Maybe he’s not the most deserving member of the Beyoncé influencer list, but despite his obsession with tweeting pictures of his own face he does like Beyoncé and he is really influential.

Here’s a picture of his face.


What can we say about this account?

They were the number one fan account being mentioned alongside Beyoncé herself when Lemonade was released and tweet an incredible amount of content every day to their 125k strong follower base.

5. Broderick Greer @BroderickGreer

Broderick Greer may not have hundreds of thousands of followers but they are one influential tweeter.

Influenced more by the New York Times and Associated Press than Beyoncé herself (there are other important things to tweet about in the world) this account is definitely worth a follow if you’re looking for more than Beyoncé spam.

4. TwizléyGøLD #5H2 @Twizleyterrific

Along with having an amazing name, this account retweets some of the best Beyoncé content out there, and is massively influenced by big entertainment accounts like @MTV and @EW.

This is a really positive account, complete with a whole lot of smiley selfies.

3. Matt Bellassai @MattBellassai

This incredibly influential “internet drunk” and writer has a hilarious Twitter account with a whole lot of time for Beyoncé.

If you’re a fan you should look him up.

2. Beyoncé @BeyonceO_o

Beyoncé is very clear that they are not Beyoncé in their bio, and uses the account to post little pieces of wisdom to their enormous fan base.

So deep.

Mysteriously, this account is most influenced by other accounts with celebrity names which share almost exactly the same bio (@JColeDC, @KenndrickLamar etc).

1. Rowan Blanchard @rowblanchard

Curiously, Rowan Blanchard has appeared in another of our influential super-fan account lists, coming in at number 3 for Twitter’s most powerful Harry Potter fans.

It turns out she’s also a big fan of Queen Bey.

With 382k followers and achieving the highest influence score of all of the above accounts, Rowan Blanchard is our official number 1 most influential Beyoncé fan on Twitter.


Our favorite

Aside from all of these, however, we definitely have a favorite Beyoncé account. We’re big fans of data and @Beyonce_Stats mixes a love of numbers with a love of Beyoncé.

Want more juicy data? Follow @BW_React

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