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Published July 22nd 2016

React: The Social Data Behind the 2016 GOP Convention

Brandwatch analyzes conversations surrounding days one, two, three and four of the 2016 GOP convention

The 2016 GOP Convention has had no shortage of drama.

We took a look at how the events of days one, two, three and four went down on social media.

Highs and lows

Overall we found 1.3 million mentions of the convention on the first day alone.

Mention volume GOP convention day 1

The first mention spike, around 4pm EST, wasn’t massively favorable. Taking a look at the top discussed terms in the conversation, “Never Trump” was prominent, while the word “chaos” was also generating a lot of mentions.

Mentions peaked overall at around 10pm as the internet reacted to Melania Trump’s speech.

Attention quickly turned to how her speech was “remarkably similar” to one delivered by Michelle Obama in 2008.

Day two saw an incredible 1.5 million mentions of the convention.

GOP DAY 2 mention volume

The first mention spike occurred around 7pm ET, with the word “BREAKING” a key term amongst the mentions.

The second significant spike occurred at 10pm, with many commenting on Donald Trump Jr’s provocative speech.

Day three again saw a mention spike at 10pm, this time with Ted Cruz at the centre of the conversation.


Moving on to day four, the peak this time centred around Ivanka Trump’s speech. Donald Trump’s speech was the focal point of the 11pm spike afterwards. There were more than 400k mentions per hour during those two high points.

Day4 mention volume

Comparing all four days, a pattern definitely emerged when it came to peaks in mentions online.

GOP DAY 1-4 mentions 10pm peaks

Over the whole four days we found 5.8 million mentions of the convention.

Topics of interest

Taking a look at the top mentioned words used overall for the first day, Mr Trump was front and center.

GOP DAY 1 Topics

Meanwhile, Sherriff David Clarke’s “Blue Lives Matter” speech was made to rapturous applause at the convention and resulted in around 13k mentions on social media.

#NeverTrump made a considerable splash, while Benghazi also became a much-discussed topic online.

Day 2 saw a number of big names take over the conversation, though it was Melania Trump’s Monday night speech that got the most attention.

GOP DAY 2 topics

The Republican nominee’s children as well as Ben Carson and Chris Christie were all key figures in the conversation.

Day three again saw big names at the forefront of the topic cloud.

GOP DAY 3 topics

Within the Ted Cruz conversation “boos” and “booed” were fairly prominent and he turned out to own the most tweeted account of the day.

Meanwhile, Mike Pence got a hefty load of mentions for his speech.

Trump liked it so much he tried to kiss him.

Finally, day four saw Ted Cruz remain prominent in the conversation, while Ivanka Trump’s speech also had a huge impact.

GOP DAY 4 topics

Trump’s speech and formal acceptance of the Republican nomination clearly made a huge impression online.

Top mentioned figures

Hillary Clinton was one of the top mentioned and retweeted people in relation to the convention on Twitter throughout day one.

Looking just at speakers and people who appeared (aside from Mr and Mrs Trump), the top mentioned figures across social media were Rudy Giuliani, Sheriff David Clarke, Scott Baio, Patricia Smith and Steve King.

Of those top mentioned figures, Melania Trump predictably got the highest spikes.

GOP DAY 1 Top mentioned speakers

#FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes trended into Tuesday morning.

Day 2 also saw Hillary Clinton make a large mark on the #GOPConvention conversation. She actually got a bigger mention spike than Mr Trump on Tuesday night.

GOP DAY 2 hillary vs trump

It might have something to do with this tweet.

Moving on to day three, we focused on mentions of Trump’s running mate Mike Pence.

GOP DAY 3 Mike Pence

The politician garnered 48.7k mentions across social media on the third day of the convention.

To round off our social data on the GOP convention we took a look at mentions of Donald Trump throughout the whole four days. It was a big finish for the Republican nominee.

GOP DAY 1-4 mentions of trump

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