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Published December 20th 2019

Social Data Quiz of the Year 2019

Let's see how much of this year you can remember, with the help of social media data

How are we knocking on the door of 2020? Seriously, 2019 has gone way too quickly.

To end the year on a high, I decided to look back at some of the most talked about events on social media in 2019 using Brandwatch Consumer Research and turned it into one of my favorite things – a quiz!

We’ve got everything from current events to sport and film, so get ready to test your memory on what’s been a very eventful year.

1. How iconic do you need to be to have the most likes on Instagram?

Kylie Jenner? Christiano Ronaldo? Ariana Grande?

The most liked photo on Instagram is owned by an egg.

2. What box office hit is represented in the following chart?

Can you remember what movie got all these people talking? It had over one million mentions on its release date.

Hint: this movie became the fifth film to gross $2 billion worldwide and is the highest-grossing film of all time.  

Conversation around one huge box office hit

Source: Brandwatch Consumer Research

It's Avengers Endgame!

3. What are Millennials killing this year?

Here at React we like to answer the big questions. So every year, using our data analysis skills, we find out what Millennials are killing now.

It’s definitely worth a read. But for now, can you tell me what the murderous Millennials have killed this year?

4. Which Game of Thrones character got the most mentions in the final episode of the final season?

The watch finally ended. After eight agonizing seasons we finally got our answer to who would reign in Westeros.

But who do you think drove the most conversation on Twitter mentions during the last episode?

If you’d like to relive some fond memories of the best show of the decade, hit our blog up!

5. What company ‘won’ E3 this year on social media?

E3 is the highlight of most gaming enthusiasts’ calendars.

But what company do you think was mentioned the most on social media in regards to E3 this year?

If you missed any of the details, and don’t want to miss out, catch Gemma’s blog here.

6. Which ad got the most attention at the Super Bowl?

Let’s move on to sport. Can you think what major US sporting event this word cloud depicts?

If you’d like to know more, you can read the full run down of the ads right here!


7. Who was recently named Brandwatch’s most influential person on Twitter?

Our notifications have been on fire. We’re getting wild coverage in the media. But who topped our list of the most influential people on Twitter?

You can read the full list here if you’re interested in finding out who else placed in the top 50.

Musicians make up the bulk of our list of the 50 most influential people on Twitter. But who was number 1?

Source: Brandwatch Audiences

Brandwatch's most influential people on Twitter 2019

Person Ranking in the top 50
Taylor Swift 1
Donald Trump 2
Narendra Modi 3
Katy Perry 4
Elon Musk 5
Source: Brandwatch Audiences

8. What was the tweet that started ‘Wagnarok’?

Coleen Rooney made UK headlines, and basically broke the internet, with one simple tweet that generated 65k shares of a simple in one day.

But can you remember the iconic line ‘Wagatha Christie’ tweeted to reveal the person she alleged had been leaking stories about her?


9. What got conspiracy theorists excited on 21 September?

21 September got lots of people interested in a very… interesting event. (One that we wrote a great blog on, if you’re interested in conspiracy theories and that kind of thing).

Do you remember what it was?

What's behind the spike?

Source: Brandwatch Consumer Research
Source: Brandwatch Consumer Research

10. Name the meme

Now, let’s finish up with a wholesome meme. And forget how rough 2019 has been… This meme kicked off in November, reaching a peak of 150k mentions in a single day on social.

Hint: The color of the line chart is a nice clue

How did you do in the 2019 big social data quiz? 

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