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Published June 16th 2016

React: The Crazy Things Tweeters Claim They’d Pay Money For

Brandwatch analyses two months worth of conversation surrounding items tweeters would pay money for.

We live in a world where anything can be turned into a money making opportunity.

Giving people a lift to work, helping someone out with their shopping, potato salad … the list goes on.

Many people are turning to freelancing as a way of life, and there are plenty of opportunities out there. We decided to go looking for them.

Analyzing thousands of posts between April and May, we took a look at what tweeters claim they’d be happy to pay money for.

From assassinations to massages, here is what we found.

Anything you want

Tweeters are a demanding bunch, and while lots of “I’d pay for” tweets are about very specific needs we were sure we’d find some predictable ones too.

Here are some of the most popular things that people are talking about paying for (whether that’s for extras, add-ons or the thing itself).

tweeters pay for

Among those were some sensible suggestions for big brands, tips for customer service and a whole lot of silly ideas.

Looking at geo-tagged mentions from the US and the UK we found some fairly niche desires.

Id pay for USAId pay for UK

I want it now

Fast paced lifestyles and shorter attention spans make impatient tweeters.

We found over a hundred instances of people offering to pay for something “right now” and the nature of the requests were many and varying.

Paying extra for convenience is not a problem in some people’s eyes.


There are some seriously demanding people on Twitter. Here are a few crackers for you:

We hope you spotted your next business opportunity among these.

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