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Latest resource: Maturing from social listening to digital consumer intelligence

A practical guide to levelling up how consumer insights are used across your organization

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Online Trends

Published January 22nd 2016

React: Suicide Squad vs Sarah Palin in This Week’s Social Round-up

From Presidential endorsements to Netflix revelations, Brandwatch analyzes some of the biggest trends of the week

It’s been a funny old week on social.

From themed days to big Netflix announcements, there’s been plenty to chat about.

If you think you might have missed one of the biggest events on social this week you’re in the right place.

A hashtag a day

It seemed like every day had a theme this week, and that meant that social was kept busy all the way through.

First off was Martin Luther King Day on Monday. The special day garnered an incredible 268,726 mentions, making it one of the most prominent hashtags of the whole week. #BlackLivesMatter was also a prominent hashtag, accompanying #MLKday over 3,500 times throughout the week.

Later in the week we had the slightly less well known ‘National Popcorn Day’ and ‘National Hug Day’.

While both had excellent subject matter, their mentions didn’t even come close to that of #MLKday before them.

Social Round up 3 Day hashtags

Netflix gifts us with trailers and release dates

Social got super excited this week when Netflix dropped a bunch of trailers and release dates for some of its biggest shows of the year.

While we already knew about some of the dates, we checked out the buzz surrounding the upcoming releases and found that the old favorites were getting the most attention.

That’s not to say that new shows aren’t generating interest, though.

Trailers for new shows like Chelsea Does…(which premieres on Saturday 23rd January) have accumulated hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

Social round up 3 Netflix new releases

Suicide Squad trailer sets social alight

When the first look at Suicide Squad was released during Comic Con last year we reported a spike of 5,000 mentions in an hour which trailed off quickly.

This week, after the official trailer dropped on Wednesday, the initial spike hit 4,792 mentions and they rolled in consistently throughout the week, continually registering nearly 1,000 mentions per hour.

suicide squad round up 3

Conversation is fairly evenly split between genders, with males making up the majority of online discussion surrounding the upcoming movie.

Male female suicide squad social roundup 3

New Batman vs. Superman clips were also revealed this week to mixed reviews and there are plenty of comparisons between the two upcoming movies that are dividing opinion.

Donald Trump hits the headlines again

Donald Trump is becoming a regular fixture in our social round-up, but his shenanigans and way with words are like a recipe for social explosion.

This week he caught the attention of social in two big ways.

Firstly, as MPs in the UK debated whether they should consider banning him from the country, “Ban Trump” mentions reached over 25k.

A social storm brewed over the next 24 hours and the clouds opened as Sarah Palin announced her endorsement for his Presidential candidacy.

Like a tornado tearing through social, the controversial endorsement received nearly 100k mentions in a single day. Whatever you think of the Palin/Trump duo, they certainly get people talking.

Trump social round up 3

That’s that for this week’s round-up. Did we miss anything? Let us know!

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