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Published September 23rd 2016

React: The Most Influential Democrats on Twitter

The Brandwatch React team have identified the most influential Democrats on Twitter. Find out which Democrats topped the list.

Social media has played a huge role in the Presidential Election, and millions have taken to Twitter to make their views known.

But who are the people being heard the loudest amid all the noise?

Recently we took a look at the most influential Republicans on Twitter, and now it’s the Democrats’ turn.


The Brandwatch React team used Audiences to search for Twitter users that self-identified as Democrats who had tweeted election-related terms in the last three months.

For example, an account that included “democrat” or “dems” in their bio who had tweeted the word “election” recently would be included in the wider list. We did not search for terms relating to individual candidates so the list is not disproportionately made up of Clinton supporters.

Based on these accounts’ interactions with others (the more influential the better), they were each assigned an influence score. In this article, we’ll list the top 20 most influential Democrats on Twitter.

Follower counts and account names were correct at the time of writing.

The top 10

Unlike the Republican/conservative list, most of the top ten Democratic accounts were political heavyweights and well-known figures.


The top 20 influential Democrats

Now you’ve seen the top ten, you can take a look at our full list of twenty – and the tweeters get a little more eclectic as the list goes on.

Like we said before, there are plenty of organizational and official political accounts and not a huge number of tweeters that are influential in their own right, but you’ll definitely find a few in this list.

You may also notice that the influencer scores for these accounts are slightly lower than those on the Republican list and that there’s a greater range of scores (a difference of 14 between the top and bottom influencer score in this list compared to a difference of just 8 in the Republican list). This suggests that the Republican accounts have a bit more clout on Twitter.

When we compared Clinton and Trump’s accounts we found Trump was in the lead by one point with a score of 95 and he continues to generate more mentions than his Democratic opponent.

Don’t be fooled, though – these accounts still have influence scores lowly tweeters can only dream of.

Name Twitter handle Followers Influence score
Donna Brazile @donnabrazile 555k 86
Nancy Pelosi @NancyPelosi 840k 85
The Democrats @TheDemocrats 625k 83
Joe Biden @JoeBiden 1.22m 81
Senator Harry Reid @SenateDems 357k 81
House Democrats @HouseDemocrats 354k 81
Senate Democrats @SenateDems 349k 81
People For Bernie @People4Bernie 69.4k 81
D Wasserman Schultz @DWStweets 355k 80
(((R.Saddler))) @Politics_PR 217k 79
Propane Jane @docrocktex26 34.6k 76
Brandon Cloud @theclobra 20.5k 75
Skook @skookerG 15.9k 75
Madeleine Albright @madeleine 125k 74
McSpocky @mcspocky 49.7k 73
KHARY PENEBAKER @kharyp 32.4k 73
Nonprofit Quarterly @npquarterly 103k 72
EMILY’s List @emilyslist 72.8k 72
AR Democrat-Gazette @ArkansasOnline 46.7k 72
Rapunzel @co_rapunzel4 14.2k 72


From authors to politicians to organizations, influential Democrats come in all forms and they all make a difference to the overall elections conversation.

Are you a journalist looking to cover our data? We have plenty more. Email us [email protected] for more information

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