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Latest resource: Maturing from social listening to digital consumer intelligence

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Published July 29th 2016

React: The Social Data Behind the 2016 Democratic Convention

Brandwatch analyzes online conversation surrounding the 2016 Democratic Convention, with charts and stats on all the drama commencing throughout the week.

The 2016 Democratic Convention is over and we’ve got plenty of data to discuss.

Grab some popcorn and have a read our overview, or you can skip to a specific day here.


It’s been a star-studded week of political drama that saw Hillary Clinton make history as she was officially named the Democratic nominee for President of the United States.

It caused a huge stir on social media and we’ve counted 12 million online mentions overall.

Dem con mentions overall

It’s been the people that have driven a lot of the conversation, with an abundance of speeches that got the online world buzzing.

Taking a look at the top mentioned figures who made appearances will give you an idea of just how big an event this was on the internet.

dem con overall speakers v2

Each day we gave a detailed social data breakdown of how people and events were being received on the internet.

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Day One

Day Two

Day Three

Day Four

Day one

Mentions of the convention on Monday hit 3.5million across social media, with #DemsInPhilly the most popular hashtag on Twitter.

DemConvention Day 1 mentions

The opening day saw high profile speeches from Bernie Sanders and Michelle Obama as well as a Sanders delegate who quoted none other than Albus Dumbledore in her speech.

Of all the speakers it was Michelle Obama who really stole the show, getting over 100k tweets in a single hour following a widely celebrated speech.

Demconday1 people

The phrase “house that was built by slaves”, used by Obama to describe the White House, was quoted thousands of times on Monday across the internet.

The day saw a lot of heckling – in fact, we found around 60k mentions of “boo” or “heckle” (and related terms) in our data on Monday.

It prompted some of the speakers to respond to the jeering from the stage.

It was definitely the people that were talked about most online, as demonstrated by the topic cloud for the day.

DemConvention topics day 1

Trump, who was bought up a fair amount in speeches, formed a large part of the day’s conversation (with around 148k mentions), bringing him close to Hillary in terms of who was getting talked about most in relation to the convention.

Day two

Tuesday didn’t see as high mentions as Monday, but it still raked in 2.8 million.

Dem con day 2

It was a day that saw Hillary Clinton officially named as the Democratic nominee.

There were 50k mentions of “history” (and related terms) throughout the day.

Bill Clinton’s speech got one of the largest responses of the night, with around 80k mentions in an hour across social media.

dem con speakers

Tuesday also saw the Mothers of the Movement make a resonant appearance. The group got over 20k mentions in an hour around 8pm and we tracked around 40k mentions of #BlackLivesMatter throughout the day.

Looking at the overall conversation surrounding the convention for day 2, the internet was still talking about Michelle Obama’s poignant speech from Monday evening.

One striking element of the overall conversation was the prominence of criticism.

Dem con day 2 topics

For example, “ISIS” appearing in the top mentioned terms was driven by many pointing out that speakers weren’t addressing terrorism appropriately. Compared to the GOP Convention, which had a heavy focus on the threat posed by terrorist groups, the Democratic Convention has barely touched on the subject.

While “NeverHillary” also appeared in the top mentioned phrases, it’s matched by the prominence of “NeverTrump” in the GOP convention topic clouds.

Day three

Day three saw 2.7 million mentions of the convention across social media.

DEM DAY 3 Mentions

Barack Obama got the headline speaker slot and definitely delivered. He got over 100k mentions in an hour on Wednesday night.

We compared people talking about Michelle and Barack Obama to see who’s speech made the biggest splash on social media. It was a close race.

Dem con obama war

Donald Trump got an enormous number of #DemConvention related mentions (around 170k) on Wednesday as vicious attacks were launched against him, in particular from Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg.

Dem con topics day 3

Trump attempted to flex his social muscles in a hotly anticipated AMA with subreddit r/The_Donald on Wednesday evening, sending shares of the page’s URL through the roof, though many branded his performance disappointing. In the end, he only answered eight questions.

Trump AMA

Day four

Thursday got more mentions than any other day of the convention, with a whopping 2.9million.

Dem con day 4 mentions

The final day of the convention saw some intense speeches and celebrity appearances. They were all reflected in the top mentioned topics of the day.

Dem con topics day 4

Hillary Clinton’s “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons” was quoted thousands of times by online commenters. Clinton was undoubtedly the star of the day as she accepted the Democratic nomination.

demcon speakers day 4

Her daughter, Chelsea also got a huge spike, just beating Donald Trump’s spike an hour later.

That’s all from us for this week. If you’d like more political data check out all our data on last week’s GOP Convention or take a look at our live US Elections data viz.

Are you a journalist looking to cover our data? We have plenty more. Email us for more information.

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