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Published January 13th 2016

React: Twitter Chimes in on England’s National Anthem Vote

Brandwatch analyzes conversations surrounding England's National Anthem vote

The announcement that MPs are to vote on whether England should adopt its own national anthem has sent Twitter into a frenzy.

Currently ‘God Save the Queen’ is the United Kingdom’s national anthem as well as England’s. The vote will decide whether England will also have its own.

The future of England’s national anthem, heard most commonly at sporting events, could be radically different – at least it will if you ask Twitter.

#NationalAnthem leaves ears ringing in London

Since the news broke as the UK woke up, hundreds have taken to the social network to share their opinions and suggestions.

By 10am GMT #NationalAnthem was trending, and the country lit up with mentions.

London was most talkative about the potential anthem change, accounting for around 40% of the mentions from the UK.

National Anthem REACT 1

The suggestion has led to a colorful conversation on Twitter, with many singing the merits of the current anthem while others argue passionately for a change.

‘God Save the Queen’ is popular with a lot of people, but many argue its lyrics are outdated and that it no longer unites or represents everyone in the country.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 12.08.20_BW

Song requests galore

Excitement surrounding the potential for a new song inspired a flood of suggestions for what could replace the centuries old ‘God Save the Queen’.

The change also opened up debate surrounding the relevance of the monarchy in 2016.


Five serious suggestions have come to the forefront.

We pitted them against each other to find out which is the current favorite:

National Anthem REACT 4

Suggestions have otherwise been pretty out there…


Men are charged up over the national anthem

Somewhat unexpectedly, in tweets from the UK men are making up around 80% of tweets discussing England’s national anthem.

We’re not sure if the British male population was just feeling really patriotic this morning or that women just don’t care, but the  fact that debate is being so heavily swayed by male voices is interesting in itself.

National Anthem REACT 2

The world chimes in on England’s national anthem

England’s anthem change is also attracting modest attention from around the world. National Anthem REACT 3

As America woke up we found hundreds of mentions, some of which included yet more odd anthem suggestions.

What do you think England’s new national anthem should be?


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