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Published May 24th 2016

React: Data Reveals Ultimate List of “Would You Rather” Questions

Brandwatch uses social data to find the most retweeted (and most thought provoking), providing the ultimate list of Would You Rather questions.

Would you rather read a hilarious list of “would you rather” questions or do something productive with your time?

“Would you rather” is a fine game, perfect for when you’re on a long road trip, you’re bored with friends or you’re a bit drunk.

It’s a great ice breaker and can tell you a lot about a person.

For example:

The only problem is when you run out of questions. Faced with a group of expectant players and trying not to look lame, it’s easy to choke, mom’s spaghetti style, in front of your new pals.

A strong arsenal of “would you rather” questions is an essential for anyone and can come in useful at any time.

Next time you struggle to think of a question to ask your potential employer in an interview scenario, find out what sort of boss they’d be by asking “Would you rather fire your best employee or play Rebecca Black songs on loop in the office for two months?”

It’s the kind of question that’ll make you stand out.

We found the top retweeted “would you rather” questions on Twitter for the months of April and May. Now you’ll never be stuck without one ever again.

Be warned, some are thought-provoking and some are gross, but there’s one for every situation.

Note: We left out NSFW and repetitive mentions.

The ultimate list of Would You Rather questions







We wish you luck in your next game of “Would You Rather”.

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