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Published January 13th 2020

Rabbit Hole of the Week: Tweet Sparks Sharing of Unbelievable Stories From Across The World

Hugo award winner Aiden Moher asked us to dust off our most outrageous and unbelievable stories this weekend. Here are the top 10 most shared posts replying to him.

Social media is a one way to reach out, meet new people, and hear new perspectives.

And Hugo award winner Aiden Moher (@adribbleofink) has been going viral on Twitter for just that.

The internet delivered.

These are the top ten most shared posts, according to social data observed using Brandwatch Consumer Research, from the original post date up to the time of writing.

10. An awkward Meetup

Cartoonist and artist Morgan Pielli recalled a Meetup event to watch Black Swan. If that movie’s twist didn’t surprise you, this will…

With 539 retweets, his tale sweeps into 10th place.

9. Mum knows best

Undisputed heavyweight boxing champion of the world and Olympic gold medalist Lennox Lewis proved he’s just like the rest of us with this tale that got 548 retweets:

8. Not a great season

Dan Orlovsky was an NFL quarterback for 12 years before becoming a football analyst for ESPN.

Recalling his glory days, he couldn’t help but mention some bad luck which the team just couldn’t shake, scoring the number 8 spot on our list with 549 retweets.

7. Listen to your dog

Dogs aren’t just cuties, they’ve been said to have a “sixth sense for the unnatural.” It’s a sense that writer Morrigan Grey wishes she’d listened to, tweeting this spooky tale. Her story hits number 7 with 576 retweets.

6. And that kids is ‘how I met your mother’

Jimmy Dabs shared a modern day love story which should be the real How I Met Your Mother, as far as I’m concerned! With 614 retweets, this bags the 6th spot.

For perspective, Hong Kong has around 7.3 million permanent residents – wild!

5. Very superstitious

@Freeloosedirt shared this charming tale about a cycle with his daughter, scooping up 674 retweets.

I’m taking this as proof that we should all stay indoors next Friday 13.

4. Getting political

Wil Donnelly shared this rather political anecdote, getting 731 retweets and hitting the 4th spot on our list.

3. A strange claim to fame

@Michael_clj threw this wild story into the ring, and got over a thousand retweets in response.

2. This heartwarming story

It’s not often that a Twitter thread can make you laugh out loud and wipe a tear from your eye in just a few tweets, but the stories on this list can do both.

The following tweet saw 1.5k retweets.

We all wish this tweeter all the best. If you find yourself in the same spot, Samaritans want to listen. In the US it’s 1 (800) 273-TALK or if you’re in the UK it’s 116 123. Or click for a link to talk in a way which suits you.

1. One wild ending

This story from Jolie Blonde is hard to wrap your head around. And I think the first part is something we could all relate to at one point in our childhood. But this isn’t normal bickering. And her thread is worth finishing.

The start of her story has 3,708 retweets, taking the top spot. And she now has a GoFundMe to fund a screenplay on her experience.

Are you a journalist? Got a data story you’re interested in investigating? Email us at [email protected]

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