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Published July 1st 2016

React: iPhone 7 & Calendar Chaos: This Week’s Social Round-up

Brandwatch analyzes some of the most talked about moments of the week in the latest edition of the social round-up.

It’s Friday, or, as we like to call it, Social Round-up Day.

Here’s data on some of the most talked about moments of the week.

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Chaotic scenes as Google Calendar goes down (Thursday)

Social media celebrates Social Media Day (Thursday)

National Camera Day sees Twitter get snappy (Wednesday)

A new home button for the new iPhone? (Tuesday)

The Game of Thrones Finale Didn’t Disappoint (Sunday)

Brexit result sends shockwaves (Throughout)

Chaotic scenes as Google Calendar goes down

Thousands tweeted their dismay as Google Calendar stopped working on Thursday.

Here is the story in GIFs.

Did you experience relief or an existential crisis?

Social Media Day

How does one celebrate a day all about social media on social media? We’ve seen baked goods, high fives and data flying around everywhere.

The day, celebrated on the 30th of June, bought about a global response.

Social Media Day

Here’s one of the most retweeted responses:


Social got snappy as #NationalCameraDay trended on Wednesday.


We tracked hundreds of mentions of the day on Twitter and brands were all over it.

Canon got in as one of the most retweeted tweeters on the subject.

A scroll through the hashtag reveals some incredible photos being shared by talented tweeters.

A new home button for the new iPhone?

Rumors are circulating about the “iPhone 7”, expected this fall.

Business Insider has reported on speculation surrounding the new model, which could include a “Force Touch home button”, replacing a physical button.

This isn’t an isolated rumor, and Twitter accounts dedicated to sharing Apple updates haven’t been shy about propagating it.

Overall we found around 1k tweets on Tuesday regarding the rumor.

Iphone Rumors

If you like Apple data, here’s what we found when we covered their World Wide Developer Conference earlier this month.

The Game of Thrones finale didn’t disappoint

There were over 200k tweets generated during the Game of Thrones finale on Sunday night, the most by far of any episode this season.

Finale mentions

Even though viewers lamented the end of the season they weren’t disappointed with the content (we won’t say any more).

Read the full analysis here or play with our interactive Game of Thrones data viz here.

Brexit result sends shockwaves

The result of the EU Referendum has led to a whole new level of drama in the UK, with an odd mix of celebration and mourning as well as a horrific spike in hate crime.

We looked at social media’s immediate response to the result here.

We also discovered an interesting correlation in our data.

End of the world

The UK’s political landscape has been thrown into chaos with the resignation of the Prime Minister and subsequent Conservative party leadership bids as well as Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn losing a vote of no confidence. House of Cards trended in the UK on Thursday as many compared the ongoing drama to the popular show.

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