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Published July 8th 2016

React: Football vs. Pokémon: This Week’s Social Round-up

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#CowAppreciationDay (Friday)

France secure their place in the final (Thursday)

World Chocolate Day (Thursday)

Portugal triumphs over Wales in Euros (Wednesday)

#MoreTrustedThanHillary (Wednesday)

Pokémon Go hits App Store and Google Play (Tuesday/Wednesday)

Wimbledon in full swing on court and on social (Tuesday)

Chris Evans quits popular car show Top Gear (Monday)

Independence Day (Monday)

Nigel Farage steps down as leader of UK Independence Party (Monday)

1D fans share their experiences of #GrowingUpADirectioner (Monday)


At approximately 10am BST #CowAppreciationDay began trending on Twitter. It didn’t take long for the hashtag to become the second most popular of the day.

Many simply voiced their love of the peaceful animals while others shed light on that cows can be subject to at rodeos and in bull-fighting tournaments.

This is what the social data looks like.


France secure their place in the final

The second semi-final of the European Championship took place on Thursday evening in the Stade Vélodrome. Following the 2-0 victory over Germany, the hosts will now play in the final on July 10th.

During the game, France dominated the online conversation.

France v Germany

World Chocolate Day

What a wonderful day to wake up to. We found thousands of tweets registered per hour as the US woke up.

World Chocolate Day

Plenty of people got involved, but brands made up the majority of the top shared links with competitions and delicious looking recipes. This adorable tweet appeared at number 8.

Portugal triumph over Wales in Euros

On Wednesday evening Portugal sent Wales home from the Euros, winning 2-0 in the semi-finals of the competition.

We tracked mentions of the teams and their hashtags (#POR, #WAL) throughout the day, finding Portugal won both the game and the most mentions on social.

Wales v Portugal

Five things that are #MoreTrustedThanHillary according to Twitter

An anti-Hillary Clinton hashtag circulated Twitter on Wednesday, with thousands of tweeters naming things that are #MoreTrustedThanHillary.

It was a difficult 24 hours for Clinton on social media.

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 16.05.21

Here are five notable mentions.

While some of these might burn, given Hillary Clinton’s resilient Twitter game we’re sure she’ll recover.

Pokémon Go hits App Store and Google Play

Pokémon Go has become available to play but, before you all get excited, it’s currently only available for players in New Zealand and Australia.

By 9am BST on Wednesday mentions of Pokémon Go had already hit over 25k across social media.

Pokemon Go

The augmented reality game allows you to explore the world and find and catch Pokémon using your iPhone. You can read more about it here.

Here’s one “exotic” location you can visit.

Poor Squirtle.

Wimbledon in full swing on court and on social

On Tuesday we released our latest data on one of the biggest events in tennis of the year.

We’ve been tracking up to 200k mentions per day as the competition heats up.

Wimbledon mentions 1

We also checked out how much attention the sponsors are getting and the differences in coverage between male and female players. Check out the full post here.

Chris Evans quits popular car show Top Gear

In the latest of high profile resignations, although slightly more trivial than David Cameron’s, Chris Evans has announced he will step down from BBC’s Top Gear.

The presenter has been heavily criticized and co-host Matt LeBlanc reportedly told Top Gear producers “it’s him or me”.

We thought we’d take a look at Chris Evans’ stepping down compared to Nigel Farage’s earlier today. It didn’t get quite the response Farage’s did.

Farage vs Evans line
Farage vs Evans pie

Independence Day

Monday saw the US wake up to Independence Day, and get tweeting to celebrate.

Many of the mentions were purely celebratory with mentions gaining overwhelmingly positive sentiment scores (around 60%). Somehow Brexit made it into the main topics of conversation early in the day (some Brexit supporters believe the UK should now have it’s own independence day). For more on that see our Nigel Farage story, below.

Independence Day topics

We found hundreds of mentions per minute in the early hours.

Independence Day volumes

Nigel Farage steps down as leader of UKIP

Nigel Farage, a figure at the centre of promoting Britain’s exit from the European Union, has stepped down as leader of the UK Independence Party.

Mentions of the politician soared on Monday morning in the UK as tweeters expressed their opinions on the controversial decision.

Nigel Farage stands down

While many thanked the UKIP leader for driving Brexit forward, others are angry that he is abandoning his post after achieving the result amid reports that many of the main propagators of the leave campaign had no plans for the country after they had won.

Farage said: “I have never wanted to be a career politician, my aim was to get Britain out of the EU and now I feel that I’ve done my bit, we couldn’t have achieved more than that and so I feel it is the right time to stand down…During the referendum campaign I said I want my country back, now I’m saying that I want my life back.”

Here’s how Monday’s mentions (so far) stack up against other big days for Farage in recent history.

Nigel Farage mentions month 2

Monday was also Independence Day in the US, and Brexit conversation made it into the top mentioned topics in the early hours.

1D fans share their experiences of #GrowingUpADirectioner

Thousands of One Direction fans took to Twitter on Monday to share their experiences of #GrowingUpADirectioner. By 10AM BST the hashtag had already made millions of impressions

If you’re a fan we assume you know the significance of these words.

The words were so widely shared that they ended up in the centre of the topic cloud, mentioned more than the band members themselves.

1D Topics

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