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Published July 15th 2016

React: Bernie, Hillary, Hot Dogs & Pokémon: This Week’s Social Round-up

Brandwatch analyzes conversation surrounding some of the most talked about events of the week in this edition of the social round-up.

We’re back with our fast data on some of the most talked about moments of the week.

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Team Mystic generates most support from Pokémon Go players online (Friday)

#NationalHotdogDay takes over Twitter (Thursday)

Theresa May becomes British Prime Minister (Wednesday)

Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton (Tuesday)

#PrimeDay at Amazon sees huge reaction (Tuesday)

Pokémon Go takes over the world (Monday)

Leadsom withdraws from Conservative leadership race (Monday)

Portugal win Euro 2016 (Sunday)

Andy Murray and Serena Williams triumph at Wimbledon (Saturday/Sunday)

Team Mystic generated most support from Pokémon Go players online

On Friday we released our latest social data on Pokémon Go, focusing on the teams generating the most support online.

It turns out Team Mystic are doing incredibly, while Instinct is climbing.

Pokemon teams

Read all our Pokémon Go data here.

#NationalHotdogDay takes over Twitter

Thursday saw #NationalHotdogDay trend and tweeters were out in force tweeting about their favorite toppings and ways to eat hotdogs.

This, alongside the multitude of #CowAppreciationDays recently, inspired us to write about why brands jump onboard (and invent) themed days throughout the year. Have a read here!

Theresa May becomes British Prime Minister

Wednesday saw David Cameron’s last day as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom and Theresa May take his place.

We decided to do some zoomed in research on Twitter’s feelings towards the new Prime Minister by searching for mentions of “Theresa May is a _____”.

Theresa May is a mention volume

You can read the full post here.

Bernie Sanders endorses Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton as the pair declare an end to their political rivalry.

The news meant that #StrongerTogether and Bernie Sanders trended on social. Between 10:50am and 11:50am ET on Tuesday this was what mentions of the three Presidential candidates looked like. It’s rare that Trump mentions become dwarfed by the Democrats.

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 16.57.46

#PrimeDay at Amazon sees huge reaction

#PrimeDay, a day where Amazon Prime users enjoy lightning deals on thousands of products, hit the internet on Thursday and trended on Twitter throughout the day.

Prime Day

Amazon got involved in the tweeting in all sorts of ways. They even agreed to marry someone…

But not everyone had a happy experience.

We’d do more data on this but we need to get back to buying stuff.

Pokémon Go takes over the world

Nintendo shares have rocketed and there are people hunting Pokémon all around the world. Is this a dream?

Pokemon mention volume

Nope. And we have the data to prove it! Take a look at our full post here.

Leadsom withdraws from Conservative leadership race

In the latest plot twist in UK politics, Prime Ministerial hopeful Andrea Leadsom has withdrawn her bid to be leader of the Conservative party, sparking a huge reaction on Twitter.

Andrea Leadsom withdraws

Leadsom caused controversy recently when she suggested being a mother made her a better candidate for Prime Minister than Theresa May, her only competitor.

There have been 28k mentions of “mother” related terms within tweets about the politician in the last 7 days.

According to the BBC, the levels of abuse the candidate received in recent days were a key factor in her ceasing her campaign.

With Leadsom out of the race, Theresa May is the only remaining candidate for PM.

“General Election” trended in the UK as the news developed – not everyone is happy with May’s “coronation”.

Portugal win Euro 2016

Sunday saw the grand final of the Euro 2016 football tournament in France, with Portugal taking on the French home team.

Portugal vs France

The game, which was invaded by a distracting swarm of moths, saw Ronaldo at the centre of the most discussed topics after he had to leave the pitch with a knee injury.

@UEFAEURO’s result announcement was the most retweeted message for the whole tournament.

Andy Murray and Serena Williams triumph at Wimbledon

In another of the major sporting events of the weekend, the Wimbledon finals got social buzzing on Saturday and Sunday.

Early last week our in-depth Wimbledon data showed Andy Murray and Serena Williams dominating social media as they progressed in the competition. Did social data predict their huge wins? Well, probably not, but here’s what the singles finals looked like on social media.

wimbledon mens final

Serena Williams absolutely killed it on Saturday.

Womens final

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