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Research analysts reveal how the most innovative brands are using consumer intelligence to transform decision-making.

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Online Trends

Published April 29th 2016

React: Beyoncé, Superheroes, NFL Stars: This Week’s Social Round-up

Brandwatch takes a look at data surrounding the biggest events of the week on social. Updated regularly.

Another week, another social round-up.

Check out our data on some of the biggest moments on social this week.

NFL Draft 2016

Thursday saw the annual NFL Draft, and there was plenty of drama.

The NFL draft was mentioned more than 854,000 times as fans anticipated and celebrated their favorite team’s draft picks.

Laremy Tunsil, who was picked 13th in the NFL draft, dominated online conversation after a controversial video was tweeted from his account.

NFL Draft

Meanwhile, Jared Goff and Ezekiel Elliot got around 30k mentions each, with Elliot’s mentions containing a lot of comments about his crop top.

Krispy Kreme takes over #NationalSuperHeroDay

Krispy Kreme received hundreds of RTs on it’s National Superhero Day deal tweets, taking over #NationalSuperHeroDay conversation on Thursday.

Superhero day

The Doctor Who Twitter account also made a huge splash with it’s totally-not-put-together-at-the-last-minute comic strip:

#EdBallsDay celebrations commenced

If you’re not familiar with Ed Balls Day, it commemorates a day a five years ago when British politician Ed Balls tweeted two words. Ed Balls.

Ever since, on the anniversary of the occasion, UK based tweeters have celebrated #EdBallsDay. Wednesday saw Britain light up on Twitter for Balls.

Ed Balls Day 2

This year, Ed Balls celebrated by baking an Ed Balls cake:

Yes, it’s weird.

Snowden trailer sets Twitter buzzing

The Snowden movie, which will be released in September, stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as controversial figure Edward Snowden. The trailer was released on Wednesday to a huge response.

Here’s what the conversation looked like as the trailer dropped:

Snowden 1

It didn’t take long to get a whole lot of tweets, and the hype continued all day.

Snowden 2

Super Tuesday sets social alight

Five states had their say in the presidential race on Tuesday. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were hailed victors in all five.

ST - Trump and CLinton

The group of hopefuls accumulated 1.9 million mentions between them with Trump and Clinton driving 1.2 million of those.

Happy #NationalPretzelDay

On Monday thousands of Americans woke up to National Pretzel Day and tweeted about it.

Click the map to watch the conversation grow.


Final X-men Apocalypse trailer is out

The final trailer for the movie, out May 27th, came out on Monday:

The film makers are asking fans to choose their super power in the form of emoji-accompanied hashtags. #soquick, #sodevastating, #soelectric and #sogenius are among them.

#sodevastating was the most popular as the trailer dropped, although the top mentioned hashtags also included #sansa. Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner clearly hasn’t shaken off the roll just yet.

X-men trailer v2

Coachella comes to an end

Coachella 2016 is over, but our social data remains.

We tracked 3.7million tweets between Saturday 16th and Sunday 24th April, finding that weekend 1 definitely made a bigger impact on Twitter mentions.

Coachella Weekends

Taking a look at the topic clouds for each weekend, the Kendall and Kylie Jenner got featured in a weekend each, while Vanessa Hudgens dominated conversation on weekend one and Louis Tomlinson took the social spotlight on weekend two.

Weekend topics coachella

Beyoncé’s Lemonade sends social crazy

Asha m got it right on Monday morning.

As Lemonade became available on iTunes, these were the top accounts being mentioned alongside Beyoncé and her latest release.


Game of Thrones Season 6 arrives

We tracked 170k tweets during Sunday’s premiere of #GoT season 6. You can read the full (spoiler free) review of how Twitter reacted to the show here.

GoT S6 4

London Marathon

Sunday 24th April saw runners take part in the London Marathon, including various celebrities, and plenty of people took to social media to egg the runners on.

London Marathon 1

One well-known runner was Natalie Dormer, of Game of Thrones fame, running ahead of the show’s premiere that night.

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