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Latest resource: Maturing from social listening to digital consumer intelligence

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Published May 13th 2016

React: #OITNB vs Assassin’s Creed: This Week’s Social Round-up

Brandwatch analyzes conversation surrounding the week's biggest moments on social in the latest social round-up.

The weekend is here the time has come once again to look back at our social data on the week’s biggest events.

It’s been a big week for video game, movie and TV fans, and those following politics will be pleased to know there’s plenty of drama to talk about.

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Jon Snow (Monday)

Mercury Transit (Monday)

Uncharted 4 Day (Tuesday)

New Pokémon (Tuesday)

Orange is the New Black Season 4 Trailer released (Tuesday)

Crazy Bernie (Wednesday)

Sadiq Khan’s first week as London Mayor (Thursday)

Assassin’s Creed trailer released (Thursday)

Assassin’s Creed trailer released

The world premiere of the Assassin’s Creed trailer caused quite a stir between Wednesday and Thursday.

The trailer, which premiered late on Wednesday night on Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show, got a huge boost in mentions and trended into the early hours.

Assassins Creed

Michael Fassbender appears as the protagonist in the action packed film, expected this December.

Sadiq Khan’s first week as London Mayor

A dramatic week on social saw newly elected London Mayor Sadiq Khan take on Donald Trump, while Katie Hopkins threatened to run down the road naked. We wrote all about it here.

CHART 4 Sadiq Khan first week people mentions

Crazy Bernie

As Trump decided to turn his attention towards attacking “Crazy Bernie”, the term began to trend on Twitter.

The jibe did nothing to harm the Democrat’s online sentiment for the last 24 hours, however.

Democrats_Sentiment (3)

Our dedicated US Elections data viz can keep you up to date on the candidates’ progress as the race heats up.

Orange is the New Black Season 4 trailer

Netflix dropped the OITNB Season 4 trailer on Tuesday and social went crazy.


The trailer sparked 75k mentions on Tuesday.


There were thousands of mentions of Alex who didn’t appear in the trailer after a cliffhanger ending to season 3.


New Pokémon

The starter Pokémon from upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon were revealed on Tuesday, and they trended on Twitter all day.

We took a look at the mentions and found that Litten is the top mentioned new Pokémon.

Favorite Pokemon v2

This was the top shared tweet on the day:

Uncharted 4 day

The hype has been growing for weeks and the game finally came out early this week.

Click the geo-tagged map to see how mentions have grew up to the release date.


We tracked over 96k mentions of the game on Tuesday as gamers celebrated the release by posting their initial reviews and thoughts online.

Many commenters decided to stay up late on a school night to complete the hotly anticipated game. Others have taken to social media to criticize delivery companies for not bringing the game on time.

PlayStation promoted #Uncharted4, alongside a custom emoji for the game, which trended for hours on Twitter, while @youtube, @playstation and @naughty_dog were the top mentioned Twitter accounts alongside the game as it was released.

It didn’t take long for a cool easter egg in the game to be found, with players able to play Crash Bandicoot within Uncharted 4. This garnered over 2k tweets and a whole lot of “OMG”ing.

Crash bandicoot

Mercury transit

On Monday social prepared itself for the rare astronomical occurrence in which the Earth, Mercury and the Sun line up together.

#MercuryTransit trended throughout the morning, with thousands of people getting excited for the event.

Mercury transit 2

NASA provided near-live coverage and tweeted the amazing spectacle.

Here’s what the conversation looked like on the big day:

Mercury transit

Jon Snow

Jon Snow was trending into the early hours of Monday morning after the third episode of Game of Thrones season 6 was aired on Sunday night.

He created the largest mention spikes of the episode and was the most mentioned character. You can read our full minute-by-minute analysis of the show here.

GOT Ep 3 character spikes

That’s it for this week, check back on Monday where we’ll start reporting on next week’s big events on social.

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