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Published May 20th 2016

React: The Queen, Cannes & … Porn? This Week’s Social Round-up

Brandwatch analyzes conversation surrounding the biggest moments on social this week. Want data on what's trending? Find it here.

Got that #FridayFeeling? So do we. Time for the social round-up!

We’ve been tracking some of the biggest events on social this week.

Feast your eyes.

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Cannes Film Festival (all week)

Daniel Craig ditches Bond movies (Thursday)

#QueensSpeech (Wednesday)

Ed Balls joins fight against Brexit (Monday)

Mike Webb’s unfortunate screenshot (Monday)

#GameofThrones (Sunday-Monday)

Cannes Film Festival

The huge annual film festival has been a huge hit on social this week.

We tracked some of the biggest names being mentioned alongside it.

Blake Lively got the most mentions of the six, while Kristen Stewart came in a close second.

Cannes Celebs

Meanwhile, our analysis showed some of the top mentioned Twitter handles getting retweeted within the festival conversation.

Cannes Tweeters

The festival, which comes to an end this weekend, has definitely been a star studded experience.

Daniel Craig ditches Bond movies

Daniel Craig has turned down a reported £68m ($99m) to continue playing James Bond in 007 movies, getting him trending on Thursday.

Daniel Craig


The news has renewed speculation about who the next James Bond will be. Looking at some of the potentials, we think Twitter has a favorite.

Next Bond


The Queen’s annual address of the nation took place on Wednesday morning. It didn’t take long for social media to also have it’s say with 64k mentions throughout the day.

Queens Speech 1

During the speech there were up to 500 mentions being registered per minute.

Queen Speech 2

@GeneralBoles, @MhairiBlack and @TechnicallyRon posted three of the most retweeted tweets of the day.

Ed Balls joins fight against Brexit

Ed Balls has joined forces with George Osborne to speak out against Britain leaving the EU, leading his name to trend in the UK on Monday morning.

Ed Balls trending not ed balls day

It’s the first time Balls has made a big splash on social since we celebrated #EdBallsDay a couple of weeks ago.

The tweets alongside the topic cloud were the most retweeted.

His warning that the price of Adidas trainers could rise by 17% as a result of leaving the EU was been one of the top shared phrases in association with his EU stance.

Mike Webb’s unfortunate screenshot

Cringe alert.

Congressional candidate Mike Webb caused a huge stir early in the week when he posted a screenshot of his browser to his Facebook page. Probably unintentionally, that screenshot included tabs from pornographic websites.

Naturally, social media jumped on it.

PulsePoint Group took a look at the data, finding that mentions peaked between 11am and 12pm CT as people questioned the inclusion of the tabs in the screenshot.

Mike Webb

Webb has since posted an explanation for the events which has been met with further scrutiny.

Game of Thrones

Sunday night saw episode 4 of season 6 air, generating a mixed response. You can read our full minute-by-minute data analysis of the show here or just admire this pretty chart:

Episode 4 character mentions

The show trended into the early hours.

Are you a journalist looking to cover our data? We have plenty more. Drop us an email:

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