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Published June 3rd 2016

React: Milk, Fish, Donuts, Coffee… This Week’s Tasty Social Round-up

Brandwatch analyzes data surrounding the most talked about events of the week in this foodie edition of the social round-up

It may have been a four day week, but there was plenty of time for data.

We tracked some of the biggest events of the last week on social. Coincidentally, as we start dreaming about Friday night take-out, a lot of them have been about food…

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Food fight: Two national food days do battle (Friday)

World Milk Day 2016 (Wednesday)

Glastonbury 2016 line-up released (Tuesday)

A deconstructed coffee goes viral (Monday)

Game of Thrones season six hits mid-way point (Sunday/Monday)

Food fight! #NationalDonutDay and #Nationalfishandchipday do battle

We tracked two very important hashtags across the US and UK this Friday as they fought a vicious social battle.

At the beginning of the day it looked like one of the UK’s favorite dishes would win over the universally popular donut. However, things changed dramatically as the US woke up.

Between them we tracked over 100k mentions by 11:15am EST.

Donut day

As the top retweeted account, we’ve got a feeling Dunkin’ Donuts may have had something to do with that.

World Milk Day

We tracked mentions of World Milk Day as it was celebrated on Wednesday, finding over 23k mentions on the day (UK time).

Digiday World Milk Day Chart 1

The vegan community definitely made their voices heard with mentions of “vegan” or “go vegan” making up around 10% of the overall conversation.

This is what the topic cloud of the day’s conversation looks like:

Digiday World Milk Day Chart 2

Glastonbury 2016 line-up released

Tuesday saw hundreds of tweeters get excited about the upcoming festival. The event is the biggest festival in the UK and will see Muse, Adele and Coldplay headline as well as other huge acts.

Here’s what the conversation looked like early on Tuesday as the line-up for the main stages was released.

Glasto line up topic cloud

“Postal vote” is prominent among Glastonbury mentions as festival goers will have to vote by post in the EU Referendum. Meanwhile, many have speculated that Radiohead will be making a surprise appearance.

Deconstructed coffee goes viral

Early in the week, a caffeine fuelled story went viral. Writer Jamila Rizvi never expected her Facebook post about a curiously presented coffee to spread across the internet but before she knew it it was all over the place.


She has since commented on her Facebook: “Earlier this week, I was served a bizarrely presented coffee at a Melbourne café. I snapped a photo and posted it on my Facebook page. 48 hours, 6,402 comments, 21,283 likes, 2 million views and 45,000 new Google search results later, my coffee had officially gone viral.”

The divisive post has opened debates about whether we have reached peak hipsterism or whether allowing people to make their own coffee how they like it is a fairly considerate thing to do. We’re not sure where we stand.

These were the two top shared tweets about the coffee debacle earlier this week:

Game of Thrones season six hits mid-way point

We’ve been tracking Game of Thrones closely as the season has gone on, and mentions have flattened as season six reaches it’s middle point.

Episode 1-6 mention volumes

You can read our full analysis of the episode here or play with our interactive Game of Thrones data viz here.

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