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Published June 24th 2016

React: #Brexit to #NoBillNoBreak: This Week’s Social Round-Up

Social data from the biggest stories of the week, as they happen.

It’s Friday and that means one thing, the @BW_React social round-up.

The events of this week will go down in history so grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the data.

Tweet us at @BW_React if we’ve missed anything.

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The EU Referendum (Thursday/ Friday)
#NoBillNoBreak (Wednesday/Thursday)
#YogaDay vs. #NationalSelfieDay (Tuesday)
How the Glastonbury buildup is playing out on Twitter (Tuesday/Friday)
Charting the huge reaction to the #OITNB opening weekend (Monday)
Game of Thrones episode 9 sends mentions soaring (Sunday)


The EU Referendum

The votes have been cast, the ballots have been counted and the results have been called, the United Kingdom has voted to leave the European Union.

Naturally, people from both sides took to social media to voice their jubilation or devastation at the results.

Here’s how it looked on social media:


Social mentions hit their peak at 4 am UTC on Friday morning, registering over 391k in one hour. The conversation was predominately male driven at 63%.

Up until midnight UTC on Thursday the remain campaign was driving more conversation online, but not by much.


Cats, on the other hand, will be very disappointed with the result.


Months of preparation and campaigning have gone into today, and it’s finally here. Emotions are high and anticipation is in the air.

The hashtag, #EUReferendum, has been trending all day in both the UK and US which is understandable as there have been over 1 million social mentions in the past two days.



In light of the recent shooting in Orlando, Democratic party members staged a House sit-in last night to demand new legislation around gun control.


Broadcasts of the sit-in were scarce so social media became the main medium for publicity.

At 12:00 pm BST on Thursday the hashtags had garnered over 987k social mentions.

#YogaDay vs. #NationalSelfieDay

How do yoga and selfies compare? Well according to our analysis it’s a pretty intense affair.

Yoga vs Selfie

#YogaDay has been trending consistently since early hours but it now faces steep competition from #NationalSelfieDay. If in doubt combine the two.

Update: Selfies are officially more popular than yoga, on the internet anyway. #NationalSelfieDay generated a huge 246k mentions on Tuesday while #YogaDay accumulated a considerable 119k.

Yoga vs Selfie EOD

How the Glastonbury buildup is playing out on Twitter

Glastonbury 2016 is here! Most festival goers have made their way to the farm despite the adverse weather conditions of the past few days.

Although looking at the social data, spirits are high and the majority are excited for the jam-packed weekend about to get underway.

There have been over 150k mentions in the past 5 days.

Glastonbury topics

Our pick of the tweets:

Glastonbury 2016, the UK’s most famous festival, is about to get underway.

The build-up on social is huge with over 47,000 mentions over the past 5 days.

Glastonbury topics and artists

Stay tuned throughout the week to find out what topics emerge from the social data – we’re guessing rain will be one!

Charting the huge reaction to the #OITNB opening weekend

The hugely anticipated season four of Netflix Original, Orange is the New Black, returned to our screens on Friday.

The build up was big, but the actual reaction was colossal as it drove over 219,000 mentions within four hours.

OITNB hour by hour

Unsurprisingly, Piper and Alex were among the most mentioned, but Taystee came in second place due to countless people declaring their love for the character.

OITNB top three characters

Game of Thrones episode 9 sends mentions soaring

The unmissable episode generated huge attention on Twitter, driving the most social conversation since episode two.

Episode 1-9 mention volumes

Read the full analysis here or play with our interactive Game of Thrones data viz here.

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