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Published March 28th 2018

Who Bit Beyoncé? Analyzing a Global Witch Hunt

Every now and again the internet comes together to debate a controversial question. What color is the dress? When will April the giraffe give birth? And now, who bit Beyoncé? Here's what social data has to say on the matter.

Every now and again something happens that brings everyone together. It’s usually a question that no one can really answer for sure.

That dress – was it white or blue? April the giraffe – when would she give birth? Falcon Heavy – would it end in applause or a fireball?

This week a whole controversy was born and the speculation is in full swing. It’s definitely up there with those other “big” questions.

Who bit Beyoncé?

This all started when Tiffany Haddish told GQ that an unnamed actress bit Beyoncé on the face (in the face?) at a party. Chrissy Teigen has also hinted that she knows who the person is.

People have honestly texted me mood boards about this. Like, actually full CSI with pictures of actresses connected with red string as to where in the country they were that night.


I knew it was something the React team would have to investigate so I created a Brandwatch query with two simple words that were searched for across public social media platforms. “Bit Beyoncé”

What did I find? Just a casual 60,000 people talking about it.

6 weeks of human productivity

If each of those mentions took 30 seconds to craft that is 6 weeks of human productivity being used up on this question alone. 6 weeks.

Are we any closer to finding out who actually bit Beyoncé based on all those tweets and articles? Well, you could say the speculation has put pressure on those who know to spill the beans. But it doesn’t look like anything is being spilt any time soon.

Who actually bit Beyoncé?

I had 60,000 mentions of “bit Beyoncé” within their surrounding context so I wondered how I might go about working out who is most likely to have bit Beyoncé based upon the speculation. I know, I should work for the CIA.

Then I remembered that Brandwatch’s new update to the topic cloud component could help me surface the people who are involved in the story. I opened a topic cloud, removed all the keywords, hashtags, locations etc and asked it to just return the names coming up frequently in the conversation.

Here are those names.

Now, the results aren’t perfect (this version of the topics cloud it’s still in Beta) – you’ll see a few non-names in there like “GQ Tiffany”.

But we also have some very interesting characters who might have something to do with all of this.

Lena Dunham? Jennifer Lawrence? Kelly Rowland? Jim Carrey?

Could the Queen Bey biter be in this very word cloud? Only time (and currently tight lipped celebs who know the truth) will tell.

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