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Published June 6th 2013

SEAT Joins the Brandwatch Family as it Embraces Company-Wide ‘Social Business’

It’s always great when a new client joins the Brandwatch family, and we’re happy to welcome new members every single day. Sometimes however, one comes along that really impresses us with how they plan to use our platform.

One such company is the European car manufacturing giant, SEAT. A part of the Volkswagen group, the Spanish-based automobile brand has gained a significant following in recent years, thanks to the success of vehicles like the Ibiza and the Leon.

You can read the press release of this announcement here. 


The company is undergoing an enterprise-wide shift to embrace and integrate social within the business. In order to do so, it went through a list of 35 vendors in its pursuit of finding a that met its diverse needs.

SEAT wanted a solution that:

  • Could be rolled out across a number of regions in Europe, with mentions being able to be automatically defined at the country, city and state level.
  • Provided data coverage of a wide range of languages
  • Allowed numerous departments to use the platform for their different needs – unlimited free users was desirable

After meeting these criteria, Brandwatch was selected. It will be used by multiple areas of business at SEAT to track social activity and inform decisions across internal operations as well as the customer lifecycle.

Purposes of the tool/departments that will be using the platform include:

  • human resources
  • public relations
  • brand reputation
  • online communications
  • digital marketing
  • customer service
  • market research
  • product development

Specific innovative uses of social analytics that SEAT is pioneering include plans to ensure its design-driven, dynamic and young-spirited messaging aligns with the consumer perception of the brand, as well as a strategy that complements traditional research methods during the development of new car models.


“Thanks to our extensive research, we’re confident that our close relationship with an accomplished vendor like Brandwatch means that instead of managing and investing in lots of solutions to gather social media intelligence, we can trust one platform to help us perform better holistically as a business” 

Txema Garitano, Social Media, Search and Analytics Manager at SEAT.


It’s exciting for us to see corporations like SEAT adopt Brandwatch not just for one use, but across the entire organisation.

We’ll be talking more and more about which clients are using Brandwatch, and how they are using it over the coming months, so keep an eye out. You can already read about how some businesses have been using the platform over on our Case Studies page.

Do get in touch if you already use Brandwatch and want to show off some of the innovative ways you’re employing it, or also if you like what you see and want to see how we can help your business do something similar.




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