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Published December 7th 2015

Signals Mobile: Allowing You to Act on Issues – Wherever, Whenever

It’s a situation you’ve all seen play out before – maybe with your own brand, maybe with others.

A disgruntled customer tweets about a bad experience they had. Perhaps it was a faulty product, perhaps a customer service issue, maybe just a misunderstanding.

It starts to get picked up by others, retweeted, shared. Others tweet back with their support.

As it grows, it starts to gain momentum. Someone with a large Twitter following gets involved. It goes big.

All of a sudden, what was a single customer issue is escalating into a potentially reputation-damaging crisis. It’s every PR manager’s nightmare.

This needn’t be the case.

Introducing Signals Mobile

With Signals, you can be alerted to issues like these within the first few tweets, before they gain momentum.

And from today, you can even dive into any emerging issue to get more context and act on it immediately, even when you’re on the move, with Signals Mobile.

Signals Mobile allows you to:

  • Explore emerging issues further right from the palm of your hand
  • Share or respond to mentions instantly
  • Act quicker on potential crises, even when on the move
  • Save money or reduce risk by minimizing reputation loss.

An analyst in your back pocket

Standard alerts are commonplace in social listening platforms these days (we have them ourselves, albeit very customizable ones) but where Signals differs is in its intelligence – of the automated kind.

Signals works by understanding what ‘normal’ looks like for your particular dataset.

Screen Shot 2015-12-07 at 10.59.28 AM

By knowing that, it can then identify when something unusual occurs that might denote an emerging trend, a crises in the making or an influencer tweeting about you. It can then tell you about it instantly.

You don’t need to have told it what you think might happen, or what to look for, and it can surface issues you have no way of predicting (they happen!)

It’s like having an analyst in your back pocket, pointing out when there’s something you might need to look into.

What does Signals Mobile add into the mix?

Signals emails you – or whoever you’ve designated – the instant it finds these unusual occurrences so that you’re well ahead on any issues.

Signals Mobile means that you can now click through from those emails on your mobile and dive into an issue further so you can get some more context and make a decision on whether you need to take action.

It makes identifying and acting on issues or trends a breeze, even if you’re on the commute to work, out of the office at an event or even out and about on the weekend when something kicks off.

Knowing about issues this instantly, and being able to act on them straight away, can be incredibly valuable – we’ve had clients using Signals who’ve discovered issues 10, even 20, minutes before their usual processes notified them.

That allowed them to get ahead with preparing statements and responses before the press or others picked up on the issue. For any brand, those valuable minutes can be the difference between a crisis that damages your reputation or not.

Understand how the conversation is evolving, and how quickly

Tracking a Signal in Signals mobile gives you the ability to understand the conversation taking place and how it’s changing.

You’ll be able to view a live stream of mentions that match the trigger of the signal so that you can assess the context, how it’s spreading and who’s involved in the conversation, in turn giving you the information you need to decide whether further action is needed.

You can dive back into any Signal you’ve tracked, at any time.

Respond immediately and get on top of an issue

Customer complaint picking up steam?

No problem – you can respond straight from Signals Mobile to offer assistance before it snowballs.

An influencer tweeted about your brand? Make the most of the momentum and retweet instantly. Signals Mobile lets you take action immediately when you most need to.

Share with colleagues and flag in Brandwatch Analytics for review

If it’s not time for immediate action, or there are multiple mentions that need your attention, you can ‘star’ them; this links back to Brandwatch Analytics, so when you log back in once you’re at a computer you’ll be able to view those mentions (and share them with others).

You can also email mentions directly from Signals Mobile to your colleagues, in case you need to alert someone else on your team or in the business to specific mentions.

Plus, track any of your Queries live right from your phone

As an added bonus, you can also use Signals Mobile to track mentions live from any of your Queries if you’re on the move and need to check in on what’s going on – and can take any of the actions described above. If you’re a customer, click here for more information. 

Stay ahead of the game, wherever you are.

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