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Latest resource: Maturing from social listening to digital consumer intelligence

A practical guide to levelling up how consumer insights are used across your organization

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Published January 9th 2015

Simple Twitter Tips For Fabulous Success in 2015

Have you ever wondered how some businesses achieve tremendous success on Twitter? Their successes will no doubt have inspired you to use Twitter for your own business promotions. Sometimes, the key to success is actually very simple – a great bio, an attractive image, creating lists.

Here are some key facts that will help you on your way to achieving success on Twitter yourself in 2015.

The numbers

Are you still wondering how to make the most of your business through Twitter? I am now going to< a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>list some key tips that you shouldn’t ignore if you want to achieve success in 2015 via Twitter.

1) Ask yourself some serious questions

Before starting and setting anything up, it’s important for you to ask yourself a couple of key questions:

  • Are your target audiences on Twitter?
  • Can you put aside time and resource for tweeting?
  • Have you set any predefined goals or metrics for your Twitter account?

If you don’t have a sufficient target audience on Twitter, then there is little use promoting your brand this way. Moreover, if you only visit Twitter for the sake of reading tweets from your favorite people and won’t set aside time for corporate tweeting, then also there is no value in having an account for business purposes.

If the answers to all of the above are yes, then you can get started.

2) Create a slick Twitter account

You must create an impressive Twitter account if you want to have a positive impact on your potential customers.

  • Create an appealing bio using the 140 characters efficiently- this is the first thing that Twitter users will see when they visit your account. If you have an impressive bio, you can motivate those Twitter users to follow your brand.
  • Add a link to your website in your short bio description if you have enough space.
  • Use an engaging and professional looking profile photo for your Twitter account to help attract attention.
  • Perhaps the most important thing to be mindful of while creating your account is to have a clear understanding of whom you want to follow you and who you want to impress.

Here is a great example. McDonald’s have done a decent job of hitting the above points:


3) Target the right people

Finding the relevant people to follow your brand is important.

This can be done effectively if you can follow a few simple steps:

  • Create Twitter lists to organize your existing followers and to search for new followers. You can make this list private or public depending on your preferences. Moreover, you can easily subscribe to relevant lists of other Twitter users as well.
  • Use the Twitter search bar to find relevant followers for your brand. You can also use the advanced search option as well to look for Twitter lists based on your interests or target demographic.

4) Don’t rest on your laurels – keep attracting new followers

When you’ve achieved a decent amount of followers, you’ve only just got started.

Now isn’t the time to get lazy. You should keep on searching more people to follow your account and work hard to constantly improve your account.

Just like at a party, everyone wants to engage and enjoy themselves, Twitter users continuously engage in different conversations and begin following new people and brands of their interest. It’s important for you to keep attracting followers.

Some valuable tips to develop strong audience base in Twitter:

  • Making sure your tweets are interesting, valuable and shareable will definitely help you on your way to earn significant number of followers with time.
  • Write impressive headlines to garner more retweets.
  • Maybe also occasionally ask your followers to share your tweets with their followers to spread your brand awareness among Twitter users.

5) Develop and adopt a clear strategy

A clearly defined strategy is must if you want to succeed on any social media platform. Hence, it is important that you have a proper and clear Twitter strategy for ensuring success of your business on this platform. By devising a plan for sorting the different types of content you want to share among your followers and also building creative updates to engage your followers, you’ll undoubtedly see greater engagement with your page than if you just tweet anything you fancy, whenever you like.

Consistently strong and interesting posts, images and links shared to your followers helps in developing trust, and will see you on your way to success in 2015.

Do you have some other thoughts or tips on using Twitter for effective digital marketing in 2015? Share with us in the comments section!

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