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Published December 12th 2012

Six of the Best Christmas-Themed Pinterest Boards

We’re starting to feel very festive here at Brandwatch, what with Christmas parties happening left, right and centre, festive jumpers infiltrating the office and Boo (the office dog) wearing Christmas hats.

We’ve put together a list of our favourite Christmas-themed Pinterest board to give you some inspiration and a little bit of that festive feeling, in case you’re not yet feeling ready to listen to ‘All I Want For Christmas’ and eat mince pies (not that anyone could possibly be against eating mince pies).


1. Ugly Christmas Jumper Ideas

Some of the Brandwatch team have been proudly rocking their festive knits this week, bringing some festive cheer to the office. There may not be many pins on this board, but those that are there are … well, amusing to say the least.

We hope you are wearing something similarly festive non-stop for the rest of the month (maybe wash it overnight though … you don’t want to lose all your friends).


2. Christmas Animals

We love cute animal pictures at the best of times, but those pictures can only get more incredible when coupled with hats, trees, presents and lights. We liked this collection particularly, especially the kitten drinking out of the mug and the cat casually chewing on a candy cane. Feel free to say ‘awwww’ loudly and annoy your colleagues.


3. Christmas Trees

Of course, no Christmas would be complete without a tree for all those presents to go underneath. This board showcases some of the most interesting and pretty Christmas trees, from the traditional to the slightly more kooky (tree of shells anyone?)


4. Christmas Crafts

There are, of course, hundreds of Christmas craft boards on Pinterest, given its users’ penchant for crafts generally anyway. We particularly liked this board due to its interesting range of seasonal crafty ideas. We’ll be waiting to receive all your handmade gifts in the post shortly…


5. Christmas Lights

Ahhh twinkly lights. Some people go for multi-coloured and flashing, some go for white and understated. Others drape them artfully on the dog. This board has got ‘em all.


6. Christmas Cakes

It’s no secret that we’re a bit partial to cakes in the office, and a number of our team enjoy baking delicious stuff out of eggs and flour and the like. This board has a huge number of cake ideas for inspiration, so we expect everyone to get baking!

Of course, there are many more great festive boards on Pinterest. Do you have any favourites?


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