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Published October 29th 2014

Why Social Media and Content Marketing are Perfect Partners

Content marketing and social media are partners in crime. Content acts as the front liner of brands to educate their target audience about their expertise..

Bonnie and Clyde, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, content marketing and social media. Yes, like those other famous pairings, content marketing and social media are partners in crime.

In this post, I’d like to share how social media can be a useful support for content marketing, helping you get the best results from your marketing efforts.

1) Amplification


Using the pareto principle (‘the 80/20 rule’), think of ways you can maximize minimal efforts to get big results, which of course is very useful for busy marketers (all of us!).

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Social media can help you amplify your content – potentially making it go viral if the content has high intrinsic value, is actionable and is unique to the target audience.

So how can social media impact your content’s amplification potential?

  • Adding hashtags can help non-targeted audience to see/view your content, making it easy for your content to gain traction
  • Boosting the credibility of the page/content through the number of shares seen in the social sharing buttons gives visibility to your brand and helps you easily connect with influencers
  • When one influencer shares your content, it makes easy for other people to see and can entice them to share your content as well.

2) Influencer outreach


There are many ways to reach out to top personalities, experts or influencers in your industry.

You can do it through email or phone, but the easiest way to engage them is through social networks (particularly Twitter).


You can reach many people by simply using social listening.

Social listening can help you find influencers in your space and people who’re building their own brand but are likely to share your content.

Influencer outreach in social networks can also help you in other online marketing activities, such as:

  • Finding guest post opportunities directly from influencers
  • Getting testimonials for your website that can add credibility and trust to your landing pages – these are very important factors in earning more sales and leads for your business.

3) Engagement


Social media, in my opinion, is for engagement, not for broadcasting. Whether you are talking to your customer, friend or colleague, social websites will help you engage with them and perform necessary actions that will be valuable for your business (e.g. sharing useful content on Twitter).

Engagement can also lead you into many useful places, such as:

  • Understanding your customers’ wants and needs, which can help in the content creation process of your brand (this will ensure that people will already trust, share or even link to from their websites or blogs)
  • Providing more growth opportunities for your business as you can easily determine what features or products you still need to offer to your users to keep up with industry changes and customer behavior.

Content marketing when combined with social media can help you get your desired results fast.

Given that social media can allow you to personalize and humanize your brand, it can be an easy way for your business, site or content to get traction on the web.


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