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Published June 2nd 2011

Brandwatch Brings Social Media Monitoring To Your Twitter Client

As well as continuously developing and refining the main Brandwatch platform, our developers are always working on new solutions to meet users’ needs external to the app (for example, see our API and widget services).

Today we have launched an exciting addition to our offering: a Brandwatch plugin for Seesmic Desktop. With this plugin, users of the Twitter/social media client will be able to view a feed of social media data from Brandwatch within the Seesmic app, right alongside all their Twitter/Facebook/Buzz feeds.

What’s it for?

Until now, in desktop clients like Seesmic and Tweetdeck, users could only set up a search feed for one channel, such as Twitter, but what if they wanted a feed for that search covering the whole web? We have built the Brandwatch plugin for Seesmic to meet this need. It will provide users with a live feed of a topic they want to monitor across all web sources, whether it’s a brand or product or maybe a news story or a trending topic, which they can access without leaving their Twitter client.

The plugin will allow users to set up a search, just as they usually would in Seesmic (composed in free text with Boolean operators), which will grab data from the Brandwatch API – coverage of forums/blogs/Twitter/Facebook and so on will all be pulled right into the feed in Seesmic:

How to get it

The best bit it – it’s completely free and open to everyone!

To use the plugin, users must first have the Seesmic Desktop application installed and the plugin can then be easily accessed and installed here or by visiting the Marketplace within Seesmic. Here’s a quick walkthrough from the guys at Seesmic:

Please note: the plugin is currently being beta-tested so is initially limited to 500 users. Each user is then limited to one search or ‘query’ at a time – if the same user creates a new Brandwatch query in Seesmic, their previous query will be replaced.

While the plugin will never match the power of the main Brandwatch platform, we hope it will serve as a handy and simple tool for users wanting to keep an eye on a brand or topic while they go about their daily business.

If you want to know more, or you’re having any problems with the plugin, please contact [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help.

(If you are interested in publishing a story on this, please see our press release post.)

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