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Published August 14th 2014

Social Media Tips That Add SEO Value

There are several ways on how SEO can add value to your campaigns. I’d like to share a few social media tips on how to leverage social media for SEO pu ...

Social media sharing has a minimal yet powerful contribution to the improvement of one page or site’s ranking on search results.

Though it doesn’t guarantee a link pointing to your site, when someone shares your content it increases the likelihood of getting more visibility on certain social media platforms, and thus, allows bloggers to see your content and could possibility link back to you.

There are several ways on how SEO can add value to your SEO campaigns and in this post, I’d like to share a few tips on how to leverage social media for SEO purposes.

Optimize social media accounts for industry-related keywords


People are using social media places to find successful brand profiles, bloggers’ social accounts and respective personalities in specific fields.

Optimizing your social media accounts can help you to obtain like-minded followers who will be your brand followers in the future.

Include your targeted keywords and any related industry terms in your social profile descriptions to increase the search visibility of your social accounts.

Make sure you complete your profile by putting all the important details of your company (name, founded year, founders, history, industry/category, etc…)


Never forget to update your social profiles as soon as there are new details that need to be added such as new team members, rebranding and offline events.

Dominate your niche using Google+


Since Google owns Google+, they may be using the social platform in identifying new posts/pages that need to be included in their index. This will become easy for them to show prioritize webpages on search results that seem to be relevant to searchers’ queries.

To maximize your Google+ page, you can include a Google+ page in the most visible part of your website (i.e. sidebar) to increase your Google+ followers and get them follow your brand instantly.


When you have a new post published on your blog, make sure you share it on your Google+ page to let your followers know about it. Give a short summary of your post when you share it so people would be enticed to read your content.

Another way to improve the performance of your Google+ account is to increase your Authorank through regular contributions to high quality blogs. Content placement on industry-related blogs allows the search platforms to identify which tags or sub niches your account should be categorized in.

Amplify your content’s social sharing ability


The difference between a page that has a lot of social shares and a post that has no shares at all is the presence of social buttons and proper promotion.

Include your social sharing buttons in the most visible areas of your website including sidebars, end of the post, above the header and footer.

To gain more followers, you can also put social sharing buttons in your thank you pages. So when someone subscribe to your blog, it will be redirected to a thank you page that will give him a chance to follow your brand on social platforms.

Make sure you write call to actions at the end of your blog posts encouraging your visitors to follow you on Twitter or Google+. You can also choose an Author Bio plugin that automatically show social buttons that can be linked to your social accounts.

Final Thoughts


Understanding how social platforms can add value to your SEO efforts could help you improve the performance of your SEO campaigns.

Though there may not be a direct relationship between social media and SEO, the combined effort of using those two powerful elements in online marketing can maximize both your brand and content promotion.


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