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Some Unbelievable Social Media Stats Marketing

By Joel Windels on December 15th 2011

We’ve since put together an up-to-date list of social media statistics. Check that out for even more data.

We love web data here at Brandwatch, especially social media metrics, and are always interested in displaying it in different ways.

Happily for us, the man behind popular web blog Personalize Media put together a wonderful stats counter about social media way back in 2009.

Due to the rapidly evolving nature of social media, the stats need updating all the time and the latest iteration reveals some fascinating insights.

  • Half a million new Android users register their account each day
  • Facebook now generates £2,500,000,000 a year in advert revenues
  • A mind-boggling 300,000,000 minutes of call time are clocked on Skype per month

Despite some questionable calculations when arriving a statistics like the US movie industry loss due to piracy, this popular little counter also allows you to view statistics on the mobile, games and somewhat condescending, but probably true, ‘heritage’ industries.

[Note: you may need to refresh your browser page for the widget to appear]

We are experts at trawling the web in search of insights, and our tool is potently equipped for us to do so. Sometimes though, it’s just nice to take a step back and absorb some of the amazing social media stats that not even the most ambitious of prophets could have predicted just ten years ago.

Joel Windels


Joel is the VP Marketing at Wandera, the innovators in enterprise cloud services and security. He ran a marathon once, and has a wide range of Pokemon in his Pokedex.

  • I’m shocked by the amount of +1’s that are clicked. Most websites I go to are lucky if they it clicked more than once

  • Yes, it’s surprising to us too. We’ve scraped together four on this article! 

    There were some interesting insights that came out of today’s Google+ For Brands & Businesses conference. Our CEO, Giles Palmer, gave a speech during it. With the backing of their search engine, YouTube and deep pockets, they have a real chance of making a serious dent in the social media space.

    Chris Brogan also heralded the rise and rise of Google+ in business terms in a new book – think today was the day I decided that this Google+ thing may actually work out. 

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