GroupM, Verizon, Huawei: We’ve Found the Best Consumer Insights Roles for You

Being lucky enough to have unfettered access to Brandwatch Analytics, we try to keep ourselves busy using it for the good of you guys In the outside world. Having recently spent more time delving into the always interesting world of … Read more

Analyzing the Bigger Picture: Why You Can’t Deliver Insight Without Action Steps

I’ve noticed marketers have been recently preoccupied (and rightfully so) with the challenge of freeing data and insights from isolation within certain teams. Disseminating useful insights far and wide in a business makes perfect sense, and the consumer insights team … Read more

How To: An Intro Guide for Creating an Insights Center of Excellence

Insight is as ubiquitous a term in 2017 as “digital” was … well from the late 90s in perpetuity. The development of a Center of Excellence (CoE) in business is another concept whose profile is gaining momentum in the marketing … Read more

Keeping Up With Your Customers: Shifting to Consumer-Driven Innovation

Today’s businesses are striving for innovation faster than ever before. Delivering innovation — and being perceived as an innovative brand — has become a key competitive advantage in nearly every sector. Those who struggle to innovate face falling behind at … Read more

The Age of the Customer: Why Being Data-driven and Customer Obsessed is a Must

We’ve just wrapped up a new webinar session, “Revolutionize your business with an insights center of excellence,” and I have to say, I learned so much (and not just because I was hosting). We were lucky enough to have Cinny … Read more

On Market Research Today, and The Corporate Research Reports That Matter

It goes without saying that market research is crucial to the success of leading businesses and industries. But market researchers must keep up with the latest research on their own industry, and the recent release of GreenBook and Quirk’s annual … Read more

On Proving the Credibility of Social Intelligence

The research industry is changing. Traditionally research was based on statistics, surveys and focus groups. With the introduction of social intelligence there is now another dataset added to the mix. However, this has raised some concerns for analysts. Is the … Read more

How to Discover Hidden Value in Your Customer Journey

The world of business and customer service has changed immensely over the past few years. Whereas once business was largely driven by outbound marketing and advertising, in today’s world you have to consider the customer experience and your customers’ journey … Read more

Five Ways to Power Competitive Intelligence with Social Listening

What if I offered you the chance to listen to a room full of your competitors’ customers as they gave their opinions on everything related to them – from what they like and dislike about their products, to why they … Read more

Big Data and Research Data: A Perfect Marriage?

This summer, my partner and I are tying the knot, and among all the advice we’ve received – both solicited and, er, otherwise – one thing that’s stood out for me is that a great marriage should be more than … Read more

Report: Three Data-driven Directions Shaping Consumer Electronics

You’d think we think we’d run out of things to talk about when it comes to consumer insights. But alas, with millions of people discussing, sharing, and posting information online every day, there will always be insights we have yet … Read more

Consumer Insights By Alex Jones on February 1st 2017

New: Intelligent Campaign Measurement with Historical Data

Most of you will know that in one minute a lot happens. 38,000 posts are sent to Instagram, 347,000 new tweets are published, 527,000 Snapchats are shared and 700,000 people log in to Facebook. What most people don’t know is … Read more

Ask the Experts: Which Business Functions Need Social Consumer Insights?

The time has come for the final offering in this series. Here’s one last hurrah, delving into the deepest, darkest desires and challenges of the consumer and market insights (CMI) professionals the world round. Market researchers analyze data to try … Read more

How to Conduct Advertising Research

Strawberries and cream. Rock and roll. Research and analysis. Some things just work well together. Advertising research brings together two strategies together to help improve your marketing from two different approaches. It takes a 360-degree view to maximize the lessons you can take … Read more

Consumer Insights By Kit Smith on December 14th 2016