Travel and the Customer Journey: Where Next From a Google Search?

#Travel is one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram. If you didn’t post about your vacation did you even go? Meanwhile brands in the travel industry engage in tough competition to win consumers’ attention and favor both on customer service and share of voice. While the act of travelling might take place in far […] Read more

Groupon, Eurostar, Fitbit: We’ve Found the Best Consumer Insights Roles for You

Being lucky enough to have unfettered access to Brandwatch Analytics, we try to keep ourselves busy using it for the good of you guys In the outside world. Having recently spent more time delving into the always interesting world of consumer market insights, we’ve been using Brandwatch Analytics to uncover and select the best roles […] Read more

Burrito Buzz: Can Social Data Help Chipotle Regain Popularity?

Every Chipotle lover remembers the old days of waiting in long lines, sometimes out the door, dying to sink their teeth into a burrito (and MORE than willing to pay extra for guac). But it’s no secret Chipotle’s popularity has been going downhill; between E. coli and Norovirus outbreaks, rodent sightings, and stock prices plummeting, […] Read more

Customer Story: How Wargaming Weaves the Voice of the Player into its Strategies

Confession: I am not a gamer, aside from one summer circa 1998 when I played Crash Bandicoot on my friend’s 14 inch portable TV screen for 7 days straight. Another confession: I wasn’t very good. That friend, Sadie, is now a conference producer focusing specifically on events in the gaming industry. Sadie was clearly better […] Read more

6 Essential Market Research Lessons For Marketing

Enthusiastic praise, frequent boosts in industry publications, social engagement and shares…By these measures, our marketing at Cascade Insights was, well, awesome. Especially seeing as we have a pretty niche focus: market research for B2B software companies. But, as we’ve said before, popular and profitable aren’t necessarily the same thing. We knew we had to gauge our […] Read more

Visualizing Success: Boost the Impact of your Center of Excellence with Powerful Imagery

Visual imagery is riveting. We see it every day across our social channels and in our lives — pictures and videos, infographics and gifs. Visuals are the way to spark engagement, intrigue audiences and tug at heartstrings. How can visuals help you in your consumer insights work to create a successful center of excellence? In […] Read more

Checklist: 8 Key Questions for Excellent B2B Product Launches

After hundreds of market research projects for B2B tech companies, we at Cascade Insights know the warning signs that a product will fail. Before your next B2B product launch, make sure you go through the checklist below to ensure you’re ready to succeed. 1. Is the new product twice as good as the incumbent? To […] Read more

Back To School Shopping: 5 Insights Retailers Need To Know

The days are getting shorter, the breeze slightly cooler and if you listen closely, you can hear the defeated sighs of students finally facing their summer homework. But before students hit the halls, they must shop to be prepared for all the classes and extracurriculars the school year holds in store. So as eager parents […] Read more

How To: Make the Most of Social Data in Your Insights Center of Excellence

The concept of “data overload” hits close to home for consumer insights pros. You’re inundated with various data types day in and day out; surveys, CRM, web analytics, even weather, biometrics and oh, so much more. It can be overwhelming. Social is poised to play a huge part in any insights team’s arsenal of data […] Read more

Break Down Data Barriers: Dealing with the Insights Sharing Dilemma

I want to share something. Because sharing is caring. But not everyone does it when it comes to consumer insights from social and other sources. Sharing insights is a huge challenge for many professionals working in consumer insights teams. Achieving company-wide cut-through to secure sponsorship and the attention of C-suite employees/executives/key stakeholders is paramount to […] Read more

Understanding the Value of Real-time Market Research

Market research has become the bedrock of organizations. It gives marketers valuable insights into their industry, products, competitors and customers. The results from market research are then used to inform business decisions, fine-tune strategy and help to focus resources. However, these insights are often retrospective and not conjunctive to proactive research methods. Real-time market research can […] Read more

What is Visual Listening and Why Do I Need It?

What’s visual listening, and why do I need it? It’s a question we get asked a lot. And it’s tough to answer. I’m not even sure the term ‘visual listening’ makes sense. Can you listen to something visual? Anyway, I’ve spoken to our resident flaxen-haired angel and product marketing manager Phill Agnew, to find out […] Read more

The Full Picture: Using Image Analysis for Consumer Research

Like AI, growth-hacking, and virtual reality, image analysis for businesses is getting its time in the sun as the intriguing, new solution to current business problems. The application of image analysis technology is still in its early stages, with implementation looking a lot like social media monitoring looked 10 years ago. However, slowly but surely companies […] Read more

Data Frontiers: Subjectivity, Sentiment, and Sense

The secret of advanced social insight is that there is no secret. The data, analytics, solutions, and guidance you need are available and accessible, whatever your industry. Your challenge is to choose the right tools – the right methods and sources and of course the right software – for the job at hand. That is […] Read more