Evolving Your Events Strategy With Your Business Growth

Since joining Brandwatch in the Spring of 2013 as the Events Coordinator for EMEA,  I’ve seen a lot of changes take place. The social intelligence industry has evolved rapidly, and alongside that so has our business strategy. These changes impact every part … Read more

Marketing By Chelsea Varney on May 25th 2017

The Commoditization of Customer Experience: How CX Became a Top Business Priority

We all know what bad customer experience feels like. Bad experiences stick with us. They frustrate us and leave a lasting negative impression of the brand involved. They build up over time and cause us to switch to competitors. Organizations … Read more

How to Get on the Front Page of Reddit

Reddit is a notoriously difficult platform for marketers to find success on. If you go in with a megaphone you will be humbled very quickly, but if you ignore the platform all together you’re missing out on a hugely engaged audience … Read more

Marketing By Gemma Joyce on May 17th 2017

Five Things Marketers Need To Know About Reddit

It’s the 9th most popular website in the world, gets billions of page views each month, and there are millions of comments and posts each day. Yet, Reddit continues to be one of the most misunderstood platforms for marketers. As … Read more

Marketing By Gemma Joyce on May 10th 2017

Frappuccino Happy Hour: Starbucks’ Mystical Flavor Influx Muted Its Midnight Mint Mocha

Branding. People get paid to focus exclusively on branding, and the paramount of branding is when your company, product or service becomes a verb. Notable examples of this are most commonly associated with tech giants and phrases like, “Google it,” … Read more

Marketing By Kellan Terry on May 5th 2017

Meeting of the Marketing Minds: Datorama Interviews Brandwatch CMO

Our partners are hugely important to us at Brandwatch, because we know how vital the right technology toolset is to our users. We strive to partner with other best-in-breed technology companies whether that’s in the social security space, social customer … Read more

Marketing By Dinah Alobeid on May 5th 2017

A Shambles of Our Time: Learnings From The Fyre Festival, in Five Lord of the Flies Quotes

If you’ve been on social media in the last few days, the Fyre Festival probably doesn’t need an introduction. In case you need a recap, the event was organized by rapper Ja Rule and his business partner Billy McFarland, and was billed … Read more

Marketing By Gemma Joyce on May 3rd 2017

Social Demand: Three Steps to Using Social Media for Demand Generation

Social media is championed as an end-all-be-all solution. It was the reason Donald Trump won the U.S. presidency. It’s the key to rebranding egg farming. We’ve seen our clients use social media for everything from in-depth behavioral research on Millennials to learning … Read more

Marketing By Alex Jones on April 27th 2017

AsiaPac Social Data: Why Covering the USA and Europe Just Isn’t Enough

The world’s largest internet population isn’t in the United States. The world’s fastest growing social networks aren’t based in Europe. Yet, most social listening vendors who claim to provide global coverage collect most of their mentions from western sites. In … Read more

Marketing By Phillip Agnew on April 12th 2017

Infographic: 139 Incredible Facts About Instagram

If you think you’re any good at quizzes, you’ll probably want to be brushing up on your facts about Instagram. The future is coming, and your meagre knowledge of Renaissance art and the works of Shakespeare won’t serve you well … Read more

Marketing By Gemma Joyce on April 10th 2017

How IoT is Changing the World: Cases from Visa, Airbus, Bosch & SNCF

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing our world. This may seem like a bold statement, but consider the impact this revolutionary technology has already had on communications, education, manufacturing, science, business, and many other fields of life. Clearly, the … Read more

Marketing By Ronald van Loon on April 6th 2017

#BrandwatchLive: Five Things We’ve Learned About Facebook Live so Far

The video revolution has well and truly arrived. Brands left, right, and center are placing their bets on the medium that has successfully captured the attention of the digital world. We like to think we’re unique at Brandwatch, but we … Read more

Marketing By Emma Shanahan on April 6th 2017

Mobile Consumers Infographic: The Ever-Expanding Influence of Smartphones

Have a look around you. Where is your phone? Perhaps it’s in your pocket or sat on the desk next to you. In all likelihood, it’s not far away. Nowadays, smartphones have become somewhat of an extension of us – … Read more

Marketing By Gemma Joyce on April 3rd 2017

Social Insights Over Coffee & Ping-Pong: The Brandwatch Breakfast Highlights

Social insights, coffee, and ping-pong – doesn’t that sound like the perfect morning? We thought so, so that’s why we decided to host a Brandwatch Breakfast at Bounce, Farringdon. The event focused on ‘speed to insights’ and, along with industry experts, … Read more

Marketing By Chelsea Varney on March 30th 2017