How Brand Reputations are Under Threat in 2018

There have never been so many ways for brands to assert their identity and to engage with customers. Whether it’s using social media channels to share content, reaching out to consumers via a tightly constructed PR campaign or responding to reviews, brand managers have more opportunities than ever to market their products. Global brands are under […] Read more

Marketing By Simon Wadsworth on March 15th 2018

How Social Listening Can Help You Create Customer-Centric Content

A recent study showed that 95% of adults between 18-34 years old follow a brand on social media. That’s a huge pool of potential customers, but in a busy online space capturing their attention is no easy feat. That’s why a customer-centric content strategy, that focuses on their needs and interests, is vital for attracting […] Read more

Marketing By Shivam Joshi on March 5th 2018

What is Reddit?

Reddit is massive. At the time of writing, it’s the sixth most visited site in the world and has 542m people visiting every month. It truly lives up to its “Front page of the internet” slogan with the platform sending stories of all stripes viral. So it’s no surprise there’s a lot of interest in the […] Read more

Marketing By Joshua Boyd on February 28th 2018

8 Ways to Improve Your Post-Purchase Customer Experience

Ecommerce brands are missing a trick when it comes to continuing the conversation with customers after their purchase. A lot of companies focus so much on achieving sales conversions that they neglect to consider the benefits of a post-purchase marketing strategy. Customer Behaviour As highlighted in our recent guide to post conversion marketing, after we […] Read more

Marketing By Cara Wilson on February 26th 2018

Twitter Search: Basic, Advanced, and Parameters Explained

Twitter’s built-in search functionality is a great way to explore the site and find the information you’re looking for. But to get the most out of Twitter search you need to know some search operators and how to use their advanced search too. In this explainer we’ll be looking at just that so you can […] Read more

Marketing By Joshua Boyd on February 15th 2018

Marketing: Top 8 Free Influencer Marketing Tools

Influencer marketing is the process of marketing to individuals as opposed to your target market as a whole. Brands are using influencer marketing to expand their reach and increase the likelihood of resonating with their target audience. For example, a food brand might target influential food bloggers in a hope that they will write or […] Read more

Marketing By Kristian Bannister on January 23rd 2018

Four Ecommerce Trends for 2018: What Should We Expect?

The ecommerce trends we see in 2018 might not see a huge departure from what’s been on the horizon for a long time – we’ll likely just see a lot more of the futuristic, long-hyped stuff become realized. Regardless, ecommerce is a huge part of today’s world and its economic impact is becoming more important. […] Read more

Marketing By Gemma Joyce on January 10th 2018

21 PR Tools and Resources

Like every other form of marketing, PR has changed. And, like every other form of marketing, various tools have sprung up to assist in making the most of the new challenges presented. The aim of the game is still increasing your earned media mentions, but with the expanding abundance of digital opportunities out there the days […] Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on January 7th 2018

Social Media Trends 2018: What to Expect

This year is set to be an interesting one in the industry so we’ve put together a list of social media trends we expect to see in 2018. The industry is ripe for upheaval as money pours in and controversies pop out. While it’s unlikely any big players are going the way of Myspace in […] Read more

Marketing By Joshua Boyd on January 4th 2018

44 Incredible and Interesting Twitter Statistics

Ever since the first Tweet was sent, Twitter has been clocking up some impressive numbers. There is a library’s worth of Twitter stats, facts and figures out there on the internet, so we’ve collected the very best for your reading pleasure. Whether you’re looking for some stimulating reading with your morning coffee, a self-confessed data geek, […] Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on December 17th 2017

39 Fascinating and Incredible YouTube Statistics

When YouTube first made its way onto the internet, few people realized how many hours of video we’d be watching years later. It seems the internet never gets bored of watching videos, so now there is an entire library’s worth of YouTube stats. Instead of presenting you with the entire library, we’ve handpicked the 36 most […] Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on December 12th 2017

Most Read: Brandwatch React’s Five Biggest Hits of 2017 And How They Happened

Brandwatch React has had a solid year, enlightening over 600,000 individual readers with our exclusive data-driven stories. In case you weren’t sure, React is a sub-brand of Brandwatch that’s interested in telling stories with our data on anything related to pop culture and public affairs. You might know us by our data visualizations and tweets, […] Read more

Marketing By Gemma Joyce on December 11th 2017

From Launching to Reporting: How to Track a Campaign

They say you should spend at least the same amount of time promoting your content as you did creating it, and that’s great advice. While there’s a lot that comes with planning promotional activities – social media posts, emails, briefing colleagues who can share the content with clients and prospects – there’s also plenty that […] Read more

Marketing By Gemma Joyce on December 7th 2017

Marketing: 47 Incredible Facebook Statistics

Here at Brandwatch, we love data. We love the statistics that this data provides too. Which is why we’ve collated this bumper list of Facebook statistics. For some, these are just interesting factoids that titillate the mind and can later be brought out to impress friends over a coffee. For marketers, these statistics can help […] Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on December 5th 2017