How to Use Social Intelligence for Every Stage of UX Research

The term user experience (UX) refers to every step of how a person interacts with a service or product. This can include factors like how easy someone finds an app’s interface, to the feelings evoked when looking at a logo. … Read more

Marketing By Alex Jones on March 17th 2017

How to Break Down Social Data By Age: What Are 21-Year-Olds Talking About?

You don’t need to accost a group of hooded youths in a skate park to find out what the kids are raving about these days. You just need to use social listening. Read more

Marketing By Gemma Joyce on February 23rd 2017

Interview: Brian Suda on Creating Beautiful Data Visualizations

A data visualization, when done well, can be an incredibly powerful way to communicate information. We talked to master informatician and author of A Practical Guide to Designing with Data, Brian Suda to learn about his take on designing data visualizations … Read more

Marketing By Ruxandra Mindruta on February 22nd 2017

Predictions, Crisis Management and…Matchmaking? The True Capabilities of Social Intelligence

This may seem like a bold statement for us to make, but here we go. Social intelligence can’t tell you everything. It has limitations and flaws, like any product, and we aren’t afraid to tackle these limitations head-on. At our recent … Read more

Marketing By Chelsea Varney on February 21st 2017

Opinion: B2B Marketers, Don’t Be Desperate When it Comes to Social Media

With organic reach in decline, marketers can sometimes be grasping for ways to increase engagement through social media. A test by Marketing Land showed that including emoji in tweets increased engagement by 25.4%. BuzzSumo, meanwhile, has recommended that brands should … Read more

Marketing By Peter Morgan on February 6th 2017

What’s the Secret to Good Content Marketing? Think Like Pixar, Not a Publisher

Pixar’s movies aren’t eye candy – they’re eye protein. Everything that reaches the screen has to contribute to the meaning of the film’s story and enhance the storytelling process. Good content marketing does the same thing – there’s nothing that’s … Read more

Marketing By Magnus Linklater on January 24th 2017

How to Identify Market Trends Online Using Tools and Resources

Anyone who has watched a western knows that if you put your ear to the ground and hear a faint rumbling, it’s the signal of an oncoming trend. Bison are in the area, and if you stick around long enough … Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on January 19th 2017

How Social Media Can Boost Customer Experience Management

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. So said ancient Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu. But who walks a thousand miles these days? The Proclaimers, obviously. But basically nobody else. Nowadays, a journey of a thousand miles starts by … Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on January 11th 2017

The Secrets Behind Smart Marketing

Marketing is an intrinsically complex job. The roles a marketer undertakes are varied and understanding which objective requires focus can be a time-consuming task. Three marketers at rival firms might share the job title Brand Manager, yet their responsibilities may differ … Read more

Marketing By Phillip Agnew on January 6th 2017

How to Calculate and Reduce Customer Churn Rate

Calculating customer churn rate might not be the sexiest piece of work you will do, but it will be a very important one. Think about the effort your brand puts into winning new customers. Are you putting the same effort … Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on December 22nd 2016

Ask an Expert: 3 B2B Content Marketing Trends Set to Rule in 2017

2016 has been an amazing year for content marketers. In fact, recent studies indicate that companies have been able to generate higher number of leads in terms of quality and quantity by leveraging content marketing. Moreover, about 41 percent of … Read more

Marketing By Pratik Dholakiya on December 21st 2016

Looking Ahead: We Predict 11 Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

Crystal balls. Tarot cards. Extra Sensory Perception. Looking at tea leaves. Using your sixth sense. Fortune cookies. Reading Nostradamus. Precognitive dreaming. Palmistry. There are many ways it is said you can tell the future, and precisely none of them were used to … Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on December 20th 2016

The Ten Best Marketing Campaigns of 2016

2016 was a year. I think that’s probably the best we can say about it. It had exactly the right amount of days in it, and we have ticked off one more loop in our endless journey around the sun. … Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on December 16th 2016

One-to-one Marketing: How to Begin the Evolution

Life as a marketer can be difficult. You develop a brilliant campaign, design the perfect assets and craft the perfect copy. Then ad blockers reduce your audience. Facebook changes its algorithm. Suddenly nobody is seeing your work without a promoted post. Running alongside … Read more

Marketing By Kit Smith on December 15th 2016