Color Analysis: A Twitter Data Rainbow, and The Rise of “Rose Gold” as a Thing

Ever since they were invented in the 1950s, humans have been going nuts for the colors of the rainbow. Color TV, color photography, colorful clothes and colored hair. Gone are the sepia tones of old, now only referenced in plandid Insta shots, and in are vibrant colors anew. What would Netflix be like in black […] Read more

Revealed: The Internet’s Favorite Dogs

I love dogs. How can you not love a being that is consistently happy despite eating the same meal every single day? A creature that devotes their whole life to you, even when your strongest scent is ‘last night’s party’? My favourite thing about dogs is that even if you’re not a dog lover, they will […] Read more

Amazon Echo v HomePod v Google Home: The Smart Speaker Data Showdown

It was only a matter of time before the Brandwatch React team fired up Brandwatch Analytics to examine the smart speaker data and determine which of the most popular devices is social’s favorite. 56.3 million smart speaker devices are expected to ship in 2018 and the market is tough, with Google, Amazon and Apple all […] Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on March 13th 2018

Have We Reached Peak Unicorn?

2017 was the year of the unicorn: starting in January, the uptick in search interest held steady, before exploding towards the end of the year. But every action has an equal and opposite reaction, and by the end of the year numerous media outlets were predicting the end of unicorn everything. So the question is, […] Read more

Topic Analysis By Jane Cronin on February 13th 2018

The Happiest Places On Earth (According To Emojis)

Where are the happiest places on earth? Which state is most content? Where will you find the most cheerful population? Historically there’s been no easy way to find out. However, Brandwatch’s new emoji analysis functionality allowed us to finally shed some light on these important questions. How to find the happiest places on Earth We […] Read more

Topic Analysis By Phillip Agnew on January 16th 2018

Data Driven Dating Advice For Those Who Are Lonely This Christmas

For many of us, the holiday season is about spending time with family and friends. People tweet about travelling home, shopping for presents, baking cookies, and enjoying the company of their favorite people. Some folks, however, are looking for Santa to bring them a special someone this holiday season. A boo, a GF, BF – […] Read more

Holiday Movies: A Christmas Comparison with Social Data

It’s holiday time again and, of course, people handle this time differently. I love the holidays. I love the smell of cookies in the air, people are nicer during this time of year and the movies make me happy. But while many traditions remain, entertainment around the holidays has changed in recent years and I […] Read more

What Do People Want For Christmas 2017? 4 Tech Brands’ Top Products

The holidays are right around the corner and the Brandwatch React team decided to see what people are asking for, and buying, in the lead up to Christmas. We looked at tweets containing language that indicated an intent to purchase, like “about to buy” or “thinking of purchasing,” surrounding some of the most popular tech […] Read more

“I Was So Productive Today” and Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

When I first pitched the idea for this blog post to our React editress, Gemma, I thought I was going to uncover the secret to staying productive at work during the holidays, a time we all know our outputs go the way of the dodo. Instead, I dived into Brandwatch only to discover we’re all […] Read more

Searching For The Meaning Of Life Using Social Media Data

It’s early on Monday morning and I’m currently having an existential crisis. I look at the screen, around the office, into my black coffee that’s reminiscent of the black void and wonder, what does it all mean? What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose of existence? These are the questions we have […] Read more

AR Data: Which Brands Are Storming Ahead When it Comes to AR?

As a futuristic buzzword, augmented reality is surrounded by wonder and big money. Who’s winning the race to mass uptake? We gathered AR data to find out. What is AR? Augmented reality, often confused with virtual reality and sometimes called mixed reality, is “a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose […] Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on October 27th 2017

Can Social Intelligence Help Save the Impulse Purchase?

As retail space melts steadily but surely into cyberspace, the age of the cash register is wearing thin. While the cynic bemoans digital transformation for eliminating every remaining vestige of human connection from everyday life, contemporary parents may never experience the vengeful stare of a toddler pointing threateningly towards the shining row of candy bars […] Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on September 25th 2017

Do People Still Care About The NHS? We Used Social Data To Find Out

The NHS is a giant healthcare system. Despite being based and used only in the U.K, it is the 5th biggest employer in the world with 1.7 million employees. Funded solely by British citizens, the NHS has a huge expenditure – last year reaching over £120.512 billion – largely due to the vast amount of people […] Read more

Topic Analysis By Becky Jones on September 5th 2017

One Set of Soccer Data, Three Lessons From Social Listening

As an avid soccer fan, I am super psyched for the new season. The exorbitant amount of money spent on new signings across clubs promises more drama and action for fans throughout the world. There’s no reason why any fan shouldn’t get hyped about the new season kicking off, unless you are an Arsenal fan […] Read more