We Went Out Out Last Night So We Decided To Write About Hangover Data

I awoke suddenly at 6 am this morning with an overwhelming urge for sugary, sugary fruit juice, a large Domino’s pizza and to stand under a healing waterfall, if such a thing exists. It could only mean one thing. The hangover … Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on July 26th 2017

Cup Conspiracy: Finding the ROI of Starbucks Baristas Spelling Your Name Wrong

Everyone’s done it. Well, at least lots of people have, given 70 million customers visit Starbucks each week. You’ve gone to Starbucks, given the barista your order and name, waited patiently for your drink and then received a surprise at the … Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on July 21st 2017

Olive Garden is Bouncing Back. Can Social Data Explain Why?

Electronic point-of-sale systems, guest forecasting software and wait-time sharing across nearby restaurants are all examples of customer-first technology that Olive Garden, under the powerful umbrella of Darden Restaurants, would invest in earlier than most chain restaurants. It was this forward … Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on July 19th 2017

Dog People vs. Cat People: We Analyzed 43k Twitter Accounts To Find Their Differences

It’s a tail as old as time. Cat people and dog people have always been at war. In fact, the vicious feud is something we’ve covered before on the Brandwatch blog. But is it all nonsense? After all, and as our adorable header … Read more

Exploring Nutella UGC with Brandwatch Image Insights

Nutella is one of the most adaptable food products in the world – it’s at home on toast, in milkshakes, as ice cream, and on basically any dessert. In fact, as you’ll find out in this post, you can put … Read more

What Do People Really Think of Delivery Drones?

Delivery drones are just another brick in the automation wall that’s hurtling towards us all. If (when) they come into popular use they have massive potential to disrupt current logistical methods across a number of industries. There are a whole … Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on June 30th 2017

What Can Social Data Tell Us About Buying A House?

This year I have been working on the most expensive and exasperating project of my life, buying a house. To be fair, I was warned about how stressful it could be, but I approached it with the attitude of, “surely it … Read more

What Can Social Data Tell Us About Matcha Tea Drinkers?

You may not have noticed the growing numbers of matcha tea drinkers or steady expansion of matcha products into the English-speaking consciousness, but allow us to assure you that it has happened. Matcha, for the uneducated tea drinker, is a … Read more

Which Day is Leg Day? Social Insights On Gym Goers’ Online Habits

Regular full body workouts aren’t the common fitness advice of the internet. If you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle and punch your way through a forest, the internet will return a matrix of complex workout regimes. Many of these … Read more

Is Avril Lavigne Dead? A Social Data Investigation Into The Popular Theory

Why does the internet have to go and make things complicated? Today, once again, the theory surrounding the death of Avril Lavigne, and replacement by a lady named Melissa, has resurfaced. And, once again, we fell down the rabbit hole. Why … Read more

Social Outrage: Redheads Are Fighting For a Long-Awaited Ginger Emoji

March 22nd 2017 heralded a highlight in modern day calendars; the news that new emojis were coming. The online community went wild in reaction to the proposed emoji update released by Unicode, which will be realized on iOS this summer. … Read more

Topic Analysis By Fran Weddle on April 19th 2017

What Can We Learn From 500k People Saying They Want A Vacation?

There’s nothing like a sunny getaway. Escaping the work, the noise, the never-ending stream of appreciative tweets… Maybe that’s just me. Some say that we’re spending less time on vacation, but surely that’s not stopping us dreaming about getting away. … Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on April 12th 2017

When Do People Want Pizza? Social Data Has The Answers

Pizza is the best thing in the world. It is in constant demand. But when is it in most demand? But when do people want pizza most? The Brandwatch React team loves to ask the big questions, and this Friday we … Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on March 31st 2017

The Beyoncé Baby Boom: A Social Data Investigation

Following the announcement that Beyoncé was pregnant with twins, the Brandwatch React team got thinking. If Kim Kardashian can influence members of her enormous following to spend $100 million on her very own mobile video game, and if the UK’s … Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on March 2nd 2017