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Searching For The Meaning Of Life Using Social Media Data

It’s early on Monday morning and I’m currently having an existential crisis. I look at the screen, around the office, into my black coffee that’s reminiscent of the black void and wonder, what does it all mean? What is the meaning of life? What is the purpose of existence? These are the questions we have […] Read more

AR Data: Which Brands Are Storming Ahead When it Comes to AR?

As a futuristic buzzword, augmented reality is surrounded by wonder and big money. Who’s winning the race to mass uptake? We gathered AR data to find out. What is AR? Augmented reality, often confused with virtual reality and sometimes called mixed reality, is “a live direct or indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose […] Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on October 27th 2017

Can Social Intelligence Help Save the Impulse Purchase?

As retail space melts steadily but surely into cyberspace, the age of the cash register is wearing thin. While the cynic bemoans digital transformation for eliminating every remaining vestige of human connection from everyday life, contemporary parents may never experience the vengeful stare of a toddler pointing threateningly towards the shining row of candy bars […] Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on September 25th 2017

Do People Still Care About The NHS? We Used Social Data To Find Out

The NHS is a giant healthcare system. Despite being based and used only in the U.K, it is the 5th biggest employer in the world with 1.7 million employees. Funded solely by British citizens, the NHS has a huge expenditure – last year reaching over £120.512 billion – largely due to the vast amount of people […] Read more

Topic Analysis By Becky Jones on September 5th 2017

One Set of Soccer Data, Three Lessons From Social Listening

As an avid soccer fan, I am super psyched for the new season. The exorbitant amount of money spent on new signings across clubs promises more drama and action for fans throughout the world. There’s no reason why any fan shouldn’t get hyped about the new season kicking off, unless you are an Arsenal fan […] Read more

The Trump Effect: How Has Leaving Trump’s Manufacturing Council Affected the Brands?

Well, it was another week of fire, brimstone and the worst of humanity. These are the stories you couldn’t escape on social if you tried. From August 13 to August 15, Merck was mentioned more than 344,000 times online, and the reason for those mentions was the departure of the company’s CEO from Trump’s American […] Read more

Topic Analysis By Kellan Terry on August 21st 2017

Nuclear War Survival Guide: Find Out How Your Fellow Humans Are Preparing

–SCENE 1: “Discovery of the Manuscript”– ——(The year is 2019 and civilization on planet Earth exists no longer) ENTER: Alien spaceship. The doors open, hissing. ——(The squad of heavily armored aliens clamber tentatively down from the smoking vessel. The leader signals to move forward and they begin to navigate the wasteland) LEADER: (Indecipherable.) Subtitles read: […] Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on August 17th 2017

Flat Earthers: Social Data on The Wildest Conspiracy Theory Yet

Today in Conspiracy Theory Corner (not a thing) I’m here to talk to you about ‘Flat Earthers.’ When I was growing up I believed anything and everything my parents told me. They told me that if you stuck your finger inside your belly button, your butt would fall off. My dad told me a number […] Read more

New Research: Things Millennials Are Killing, According to Twitter

Millennials are responsible for the cold blooded murder of many an industry and item – or so it would seem if you spend much time reading online articles. The Brandwatch React team thought we’d take a look into this. As Millennials ourselves we struggle to swat flies, but apparently we are to blame for the […] Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on August 7th 2017

We Went Out Out Last Night So We Decided To Write About Hangover Data

I awoke suddenly at 6 am this morning with an overwhelming urge for sugary, sugary fruit juice, a large Domino’s pizza and to stand under a healing waterfall, if such a thing exists. It could only mean one thing. The hangover fairy had been, and today would be a struggle. Brandwatchers across Brighton (the home of […] Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on July 26th 2017

Cup Conspiracy: Finding the ROI of Starbucks Baristas Spelling Your Name Wrong

Everyone’s done it. Well, at least lots of people have, given 70 million customers visit Starbucks each week. You’ve gone to Starbucks, given the barista your order and name, waited patiently for your drink and then received a surprise at the counter. “That’s not how you spell my name!” The entitled monster inside you might be […] Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on July 21st 2017

Olive Garden is Bouncing Back. Can Social Data Explain Why?

Electronic point-of-sale systems, guest forecasting software and wait-time sharing across nearby restaurants are all examples of customer-first technology that Olive Garden, under the powerful umbrella of Darden Restaurants, would invest in earlier than most chain restaurants. It was this forward thinking, tech savvy and collaborative mindset that would see them through the rough and smooth. […] Read more

Topic Analysis By Gemma Joyce on July 19th 2017

Dog People vs. Cat People: We Analyzed 43k Twitter Accounts To Find Their Differences

It’s a tail as old as time. Cat people and dog people have always been at war. In fact, the vicious feud is something we’ve covered before on the Brandwatch blog. But is it all nonsense? After all, and as our adorable header image proves, dogs and cats are more than capable of getting over their differences. Well, […] Read more

Exploring Nutella UGC with Brandwatch Image Insights

Nutella is one of the most adaptable food products in the world – it’s at home on toast, in milkshakes, as ice cream, and on basically any dessert. In fact, as you’ll find out in this post, you can put Nutella on almost anything. Given how adaptable Nutella is, it’s no wonder that there’s so […] Read more