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Published July 11th 2012

The 5 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Monitoring Using Brandwatch Power Features

Just as our teachers used to tell us in school, there is a rhyme and reason for everything. We may not be practicing biology or algebra on a daily basis anymore, but there is still truth in following the rules, especially if your company is trying to find the value in their social media monitoring efforts.

In this 8th eBook, we talk through a selection of the most powerful features in Brandwatch, and demonstrate how you can use these clever tools and rules to return business growth.

With so many people trying their hand at SMM, it can become overwhelming to find the path that not only shows results but also thought-out strategies in which efforts you should repeat and which ones you should not. Having a clear understanding of what your needs are and the labors that need to be put forth when using Brandwatch will not only help you see business-changing results but also ROI as well.

You cannot get to your future without having a past- Brandwatch enables you to track how your messages and campaigns grow (or shrink) in effectiveness over time. Through campaign tracking with the History Comparison component, you can quickly grasp the relative volume of a single query within
multiple timeframes.

Campaign tracking with History Comparison enables you to measure the continued levels of effectiveness of marketing campaigns and answer questions such as:

  •  Are there seasonal changes to audience receptivity?
  •  Are we trending steadily in a certain direction?
  •  How did this year’s holiday campaign compare to the year-ago period?
  •  Is our messaging stale?

Benchmarking is just one example out of the 5 easy features that are broken down in this eBook, highlighting each effort and strategy your company can implement such as:

  • Rules
  • Alerts
  • Bulk Up Data
  • Topics
It may seem easy to search for keywords or topics, but being innovative and channeling your company’s creativity in how you use Brandwatch will only result in a high quality outcome. Practicing fine-tuning each search on a more granular level, keeping your consumer’s outlook in mind will turn the conversations into action.

Our system has evolved over the years to enable you to perform both basic and highly advanced social media monitoring. Just like in school- practice makes perfect.

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