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Published April 30th 2019

The Best Logos of 2019

Which brand logos have embedded themselves into consumers' lives most seamlessly?

Logos are everywhere, and even the most simple of shapes can often signify the whole identity of a brand.

That said, not all logos are recognizable or particularly visible in a world where our communications are becoming more and more visual.

In our recent Brand Visibility Report, we combined the Brandwatch and legacy Crimson Hexagon logo databases to see which logos are shared most in tweeted images. This helps us to evaluate the visual power of each brand and to identify those that have become part and parcel of shots of everyday life.

Some logo-related conversations are driven by sponsorships, others by particular meals or accessories. Regardless, here are the best logos we found in our study:

The 15 best logos of 2019

15. Oreo

The delicious cookie of many flavors sneaks into the top 15.

Luckily, Tide Pod is not an official flavor.

14. Chick-fil-a

Fast food and tasty snacks are doing well in the list so far, which says a lot about how integral they are in many consumers’ lives across the globe.

Chick-fil-a comes in at number 14 (although not all posts containing its logo are as enlightened as this one).

13. Puma

Sports apparel brands, as you’ll see, are particularly good at getting their logos shared online, especially when it comes to sponsorships and influencers.

Is there any wonder Puma would hit the list when BTS have tweeted one of their members wearing a branded sweatshirt?

12. Kia Motors

Speaking of sponsorships, auto brands are also incredibly good at attaching their logos to different events.

Here’s the Kia logo raking in the eyeballs behind Novak Djokovic.

11. Coca-Cola

You wouldn’t have a top logos list without the ever present Coca-Cola.

This brand’s visual identity is so well known it’s shocking that anyone placed above it.

Here’s a fun popular post containing the classic logo as well as two highly influential musicians.

10. Emirates

Arsenal soccer team sponsors Emirates do very well from their logo being shared in images of sports kits.

There’s a bonus mention for Puma here, too!

9. Chevrolet

Another entry from the auto industry is Chevrolet, who’s distinctive cross shaped logo is shared in all kinds of ways across the web.

Here, the focus is the number plate, but just because a logo isn’t the focal point of an image doesn’t mean it can’t teach brands about the contexts their products appear in IRL.

8. Pepsi

King of sport sponsorship Pepsi comes in at number 8. When you sponsor one of the biggest culturally significant events of the year – the Super Bowl Halftime Show – you’re definitely going to get some recognition.

Of course, the Pepsi logo is shared in all kinds of contexts and often this’ll just be cans of Pepsi on tables, but through sponsorship they’re able to keep their brand front of mind in many different situations.

7. Apple

Apple aren’t known for big sponsorships, but their products are so present in everyday life that it’s no surprise they’ve made it into the top 10.

Like we’ve said above, looking at instances where logos are shared can help brands see the context in which their products are being used. In this case, a broken iPhone case has been picked up by our image detection technology. Lots of unique instances like this could help inform future product development.

6. Nike

The swoosh has made it into the top six, and given the high profile campaigns they’ve been running in the last few months it’s hardly a surprise.

Their impressive portfolio of sport team sponsorships is a key part of their success here.

5. EA Sports

Here’s a surprise entry from video game company EA Sports who are killing it in getting their logo shared online.

We were able to take a look at the scenes, actions and objects within the images their logo appeared in and found that they were dominated by sports, either in real or fictional stadiums and winter sports arenas.

These are exactly the images where you’d want your sports game focussed brand logo to appear.

4. Adidas

You weren’t getting through the top 10 without seeing this famous logo.

And who better to share it than the hugely influential Cristiano Ronaldo.

We’ve seen how impactful his visual posts have been elsewhere in our research, but in this instance it’s his Twitter account that’s helped boost the Adidas logo into the top five.

To view the top 3 best logos, the methodology, and additional logo-related insights, check out the Brand Visibility Report 2019.

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