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Published December 19th 2012

The Brandwatch Website: Reloaded (and farewell to the old one)

Brandwatch relaunches its website, with more bells and whistles than you could ever carry.

If you’re reading this then you may have noticed something’s changed. If you can’t work out what it is, we’ll give you a clue: it begins with ‘new websi’ and ends in ‘te’.

You got it in one (probably)! We have relaunched our website into this shiny new beauty.

So have a click of all the buttons, request a demo and explore all of our new bits, and maybe you’ll even manage to break it or find something we’ve done wrong. In fact, it’s probably not as unlikely as you think, so please do let us know if you find an ugly corner.

So what’s changed?

Well if you’re holding us in your hand right now, you’ll notice that the site is responsive. It adjusts cleverly to the size of device or window you’re viewing on, so the usability doesn’t suffer just because you don’t have a 50” TV to look at it on.

Get ready for this: we’re going to include screen grabs of a website, then host them on that same website. Careful your head doesn’t explode at that concept.

Valuable Resources

It was a little bit tricky navigating your way around the old site, though there was some good clean fun on there. We’ve restructured the whole thing so that now all our reports, eBooks and other resources are all in one handy place, giving you the practical advice or insightful report that you need in a heartbeat.

Unprecedented Transparency

Get closer to Brandwatch than ever before, as you marvel at our introductory videos, learn about how it works, compare our pricing, ogle at our feature list and even see who it is that builds our app. We haven’t hidden anything away, so you can determine what you think of us with perfect clarity.

Unique, Interesting, Informative

Our already-popular blog (hello there) has been given a lick of paint, and still includes articles about the very latest in social media monitoring and beyond. With dozens of fascinating posts each week from both our in-house authors and by the very best experts from around the globe, you can be sure to discover the hottest tips, latest trends and interesting editorials about the things that matter to you.

Other dynamic content

Gawp and gaze at our collection of pretty infographics and smart data visualisations, and read about why and how we have produced every project we’ve made over the past two years. We’ve also got a central place to list our press releases, display recent coverage and even somewhere you can keep up with the events we sponsor, attend and speak at.

Get to know us better

We want you to feel you know the people behind the product. You’ll see more shots of our different offices, read about what we get up to and get to know all the friendly faces you’ve not yet been fortunate enough to meet! Take a look at our videos or visit our team page to get as close as you dare to the fun and seriousness that Brandwatch get up to.

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