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Published July 20th 2012

The Golden Nuggets of Silly Quora Questions

There is no shortage of Q & A forums on the web today. With a plethora of sites available to navigate you on your journey of plaguing enlightenment, sites like Yahoo Answers and Quora have open categories for users to ask to their hearts’ desire, while TED Conversations and Stack Exchange generate more focused questions around tech, science, and industry.

No matter how focused the site or the question there will always be those special individuals who provide us with golden nuggets of entertainment and, of course, laughs.

In lieu of all the belly-aching enquiries we read on these sites, we decided to search for the silliest questions we could find on the site Quora. We organized the search into five categories: health, love, mind, beauty and education.



Note: with all of the information out there, this is just skimming the surface of silly questions. We do realize, however, to the people seeking answers, they most likely do not think these questions are silly.


Exercise: Why is it so much harder to exercise in extreme heat?

For obvious reasons we’re pretty sure the reason why it’s harder to exercise in extreme heat is because it’s hot. Also, because it’s not a wise choice to be outside during severe heat, as you could be susceptible to a heat stroke.

Healthy Living: When you get your hand stamped at bar, how much of that ink gets absorbed into your blood stream?

We would say you should be a bit more concerned how your liver is going to handle the drinks you’ll be swigging all night than the ink on your hand.


Love: What animals, if any, have romantic breakups that are just as intense as those of humans?

Ummm… not unless one of the animals eats the other post-breakup… now, that’s intense.

Dating: Does Nathan Fillion have a girlfriend?

Not sure if Nathan has girlfriend, try IMDB?

Marriage: If love is blind then is marriage the eye-opener?

If you’re getting married let’s hope for all parties involved that all the eye-opening things have been discovered. Otherwise we are all screwed.


School: What does it feel like to get in a fight with your PhD adviser?

Getting into fisticuffs certainly wont get you that A you thought you “rightfully deserved.”

Teachers: Why is it hard to fire a bad teacher?

The harder question might be: “why is it hard to fire a good teacher?”.


Mind:  Have any of you seen my mind?

No. No we have not, maybe Nathan Fillion has it?


Plastic Surgery: Why don’t more ugly people get plastic surgery?

We have a feeling the person who wrote this is “ugly”.


We would love to hear about some of the silly questions you’ve encountered on the web;  tweet them to us @Brandwatch.





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