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Published February 20th 2014

Social Media Technologies: Staying Focused in the Hot Hot Heat

There has been a spate of activity in the social technology space in 2014, and we’re always keen to keep track of the latest movements in the sector.

We’re also not simply onlooking voyeurs; we take notice and react to our marketplace. Here our CMO Will McInnes shares his thoughts on four key stories that have caught our attention recently.

The Stories

So it looks like the social analytics space is hotter than ever.

What is this activity about?

Well three outta the four of those items look like consolidation, like integration. Nothing wrong with that. At the same time, to me personally the same three out of the four were also thrifty buys of companies that had lost momentum.

Given this is our market, what does it all mean for us?

Honestly? Not very much.

I mean, can you imagine how social data is going to continue to grow?
With the globe becoming ever more connected?
With technology becoming ever more interwoven into home, work, into the objects and life forms around us? We haven’t even begun!

Making sense of the data thrown off by all of this activity and interconnectedness. Working it up into something of value. Helping to extract meaningful insights from these loose networks and their pools of messy unstructured data. In our view this is simply an enormous market. A market that is rapidly expanding and still substantially underestimated.

And we have all of the momentum, the tech chops and commercial chutzpah to continue to be a leader in one (or two or three?) of the many categories which continue to open up.

There seems to be a tone of ‘consolidation signals the end of this social analytics space’ in some of the commentary and analysis happening at the moment. Integrate or die?

Nope. No way.

These aren’t even the early foothills, brothers and sisters.

We’ll stay focused in the hot hot heat.

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