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Published March 19th 2013

The Top 100 Influencers at Social Media World Forum

Social Media World Forum is in full swing as it enters its second day of talks, networking and workshops. Finding influencers is one of the topics that has been mentioned throughout, so we thought it’d be a good opportunity to highlight the potential of our new Impact score feature.

This is a score we give to mentions, authors and sites that reflects how much the mention, author or site is seen and shared online – so frequency, importance, credibility, shareability and other factors are all at play here. Clients can find out more in our Support Portal or you can get in touch with us if you have any questions about it.

In a more serious task we might apply different filters and manipulate the data, but in this case we decided it’d be interesting to publish the top 100 tweeters that have been using the #smwf hashtag, directly verbatim from the Brandwatch app.

Consequently, you’ll notice that we feature in it (no. 54), as do our competitors and some of our staff too, though sadly not this author :(

Here is the leaderboard as of midday on Tuesday 19th:

1 @ymagine
2 @mynewsdesk_uk
3 @digiconvs
4 @BetaRish
5 @theotherhef
6 @Tinalc69
7 @clairehs
8 @MsGlea
9 @iPolitics
10 @MrChris_Jones

11 @RikeBehrendt
12 @Whatleydude
13 @shing_a_ling
14 @SofiaEiw
15 @CalypsoIT
16 @TitaniumFire
17 @philip_oreilly
18 @GrowWithOrganic
19 @madleeeen
20 @NeoSEOit

21 @Segest_spa
22 @CarlBarkey
23 @Meltwater
24 @benjamin_vl
25 @alexekkelenkamp
26 @digates
27 @fluffylinks
28 @prelini
29 @alexpackham
30 @SocialMediaWF

31 @abellavida
32 @JennaOfAvalon
33 @abst4r
34 @RedRocketMedia
35 @jon_bedford
36 @simonjenkins09
37 @Geerlinde
38 @PaulFennemore
39 @Dave_Nissan
40 @pancentric

41 @Jansait
42 @EMMSmartCookies
43 @eudiza
44 @agtel_sarah
45 @AndrewGrill
46 @AsifRKhan
47 @MarketTechNews
48 @papadimitriou
49 @jeremywaite
50 @BirteRinas

51 @Mr_B_77
52 @TonyaHallRadio
53 @J_Chiapparino
54 @Brandwatch
55 @AniaMonique
56 @fcastro72
57 @kusito
58 @Sweet16teens
59 @Spiderworking
60 @Socialyze_It

61 @calviesmalvie
62 @DanSpicer
63 @MervynDinnen
64 @flynny1
65 @timolloyd
66 @Fanbooster_UK
67 @ShaunaCausey
68 @larakiara
69 @naiveye
70 @Bradford_White

71 @JeremySinger1
72 @Sweet16sLONDON
73 @irenelasta
74 @VickyGooden
75 @Japan_Sweet16s
76 @HeidiMyers
77 @andrewgerrard
78 @spirals
79 @hannieteee
80 @jamesmulrennan

81 @antrobbo
82 @yourwebstar
83 @marketingcloud
84 @davehaff
85 @PJSweeney
86 @DimaShahin
87 @jcortazar
88 @MariaSurcel
89 @whalestails
90 @BrianaK7

91 @Jessdaviesmk
92 @zacharyjeans
93 @Betapond
94 @Creolazy
95 @Colotelo
96 @JaeHoppy
97 @geeteemagee
98 @DaleWeedman
99 @Kimw121
100 @richrust

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